The Most Popular Fragrances To Use in Soap
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The Most Popular Fragrances To Use in Soap

The Most Popular Fragrances To Use in Soap

Soap-making is a fun, sharable experience for everyone. You can custom-make every bar of soap to fit your or someone else’s needs, and you get to discover new scents and find out which ones work well together. To get started, read our list of the most popular fragrances to use in soap. Read on to find your favorite scent!


The first scent on our list has a pleasant earthy smell. It’s pretty popular yet under the radar, as it doesn’t have a strong odor. Patchouli is an affordable scent that’s great to use as a spare mixer for your soap-making, and it also combats dry skin and other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


This holiday aroma is perfect if you enjoy mint all year round. Since many men don’t like flowery scents, this one is perfect for both genders, and your man will love it just as much as you will. Despite its strong smell, peppermint can give allergy sufferers some relief with its decongestive properties.


If you love eating this summer vegetable, then you’ll love it even more in your handmade soap bars. The cucumber scent is a perfect balance of natural and sweet. It’s not too strong, and the smell is phenomenal to use during the summer months. The greatest thing about having cucumber soap for the summer months is that, like aloe, it can soothe a sunburn, as it contains natural properties that relieve the stinging sensation.


Lavender: a sweet-smelling scent that always makes our list of the most popular fragrances to use in soap, and one you need to try. Lavender contains medicinal properties that improve sleep, and it’s a natural solution for pain. It’s an easy scent that’s difficult to mess up, so you’ll have a simple soap-making process with lavender.

Shea Butter

Soaps made with artificial ingredients can cause users to experience cracks, dryness, and skin irritation. This is not a good thing, y’all. Shea butter is a naturally rich moisturizer that rejuvenates dry skin, and it also has anti-aging properties. Shea butter is perfect if you’re looking for nourished skin.


You can use chamomile for more than tea, y’all! Chamomile is airy and light on the skin. Like patchouli, chamomile also soothes dry and irritated skin. The properties of chamomile brighten scars and give your skin a natural glow. Prepare your friends; they’re going to need sunglasses once they see you shining bright like a diamond!

Soap-making is a load of fun, and if you’re looking for the right scent to use, be sure to pick from this list of natural aromas to use. Using these scents in your soap bars can alleviate stress and improve sleep—and you’ll even smell nice, y’all.

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