The New World of Fashion for Over 50s from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

The New World of Fashion for Over 50s

The New World of Fashion for Over 50s from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

In the US, women are estimated to spend up to $400 per month on clothes, proving the importance that fashion plays in our daily lives. However, when reaching the age of 50 and over, some of the fashion rules change. Instead of seeing this as a problem or a restriction, view it as an opportunity to experiment with fun new styles, whether it’s trying out a new pair of glasses or finding new fitted clothing to make you look classier and ageless.

A Good Fit

Many older women often lapse into buying whatever’s the most comfortable, disregarding how it makes them look. Ditching the slouchy and shapeless items that make you look sloppy in favor of well-fitting outfits makes you appear far more presentable. Skinny jeans on trend and very flattering, especially high waisted, as they bring out a nice figure, in particular when paired with linen or satin shirts for a beautiful smart-casual outfit. If you want to wear a looser item, make sure you pair it with a well-fitting top or bottom so that your silhouette isn’t drowned in the fabric. Culottes are a new loose and flattering modern trend that is far too overlooked by the older woman, who would benefit massively from the sleek profile it creates.

Embrace Your Age

A common mistake is that instead of embracing the older years, many women try to cling onto their youth. Miniskirts and too tight tops which show too much skin are no longer as flattering, and often give the message that you aren’t confident in your own skin. A more conservative outfit can be the key to actually looking younger, such as wearing a knee-length skirt or a form-fitting dress that has nice sleeves to cover up arms which many women come to be insecure about. Wearing a pantsuit with heels in a pastel color for spring/summer and in a jewel tone such as earthy green for autumn/winter is a perfect modern twist on a sophisticated look that is just as flattering as a longer skirt yet even more trendy. There are more and more “older” influencers online promoting these styles such as Grece Ghanem, who takes modern styles and shows you exactly how to look chic and sophisticated in them. For the more bohemian among us, influencer Sarah Jane Adams channels effortless whimsical vibes which perfectly suit the older woman. These women tell us that feeling sexy doesn’t require as much skin as possible to be on the show, but confidence in how you look. Many changes come to us as we age, so why not embrace them?

Not Just about the Clothes

Looking good is not only about what you wear but also how you look after your body with age. Wrinkles and laugh lines are sure to appear, but taking care of your skin properly by regular moisturizing, using eye creams and religiously putting on sunscreen every morning will keep it looking young and fresh. When applying makeup, be sure to keep it light and not cake it on, as a natural look is the most flattering for older women. In 2019 the most current makeup trend is neutral and effortless, so spending hours in front of the mirror is no longer required to keep up with whats “in”. In particular, be sure to avoid bright colors as these can look tacky and a bit flashy if not carefully executed. With regards to hair, keeping it washed regularly and neat is simply all that’s required, in addition to getting it trimmed so it doesn’t look ratty or dirty.

Turning 50 opens a door to a whole new world of fashion to explore, so don’t worry about the years coming on, but embrace them. Try new styles, experiment with what suits you best and take care of your skin to ensure you stay looking healthy and bright. Confidence is the most important accessory to any outfit so in the end, it matters more about what makes you feel best than what you wear.

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