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Houseplants are stylish pieces of decor to add to your home if you’re looking for a beautiful and natural addition to any space. Plants with fuller leaves, like philodendrons, nicely fill in empty corners of the room while smaller plants, like dracaenas, can pair nicely with your collection of books or trinkets hanging on a shelf. Plants also purify the air to help us breathe easier and to filter out harmful toxins from the air, so they’re beneficial to us in many ways!

Now that we know how great plants are, it’s time to think about what plant (or plants!) we want to invite into our home. You can choose from trailing vine plants, big tree-like plants, small table-sized plants, and many more varieties. Plants also come many different shapes and colors depending on the species.

Researching online and visiting nurseries in person can take up lots of precious time. Instead of spending so much time and effort searching for the perfect plant for you, why don’t you take a look into the stars?

Here is mine. 

money tree cancer zodiac plant pairing
Photo Courtesy of ProFlowers

Astrology is very telling when it comes to different aspects of our lives. It can give insight about our relationships, our careers and many other things, both big and small. Today, why don’t you let your sign help you pick your next plant friend? Take a look at this guide from ProFlowers to see what plant you should get based on your zodiac sign. The results may surprise you!

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