The Right Time to Act 6 Potential Consequences of Delaying Your Roof Repairs from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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The Right Time to Act: 6 Potential Consequences of Delaying Your Roof Repairs

The Right Time to Act 6 Potential Consequences of Delaying Your Roof Repairs from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

No matter the type of roof that you have, you will need to take care of repairs at some point. Whether it is from damage caused by a storm or animal, natural wear and tear, or another cause, repairs are a natural part of caring for your roof. Some people may feel tempted to put off their roof repairs. Maybe you do not think the problem is serious enough to warrant immediate attention. Or maybe you do not have enough money on hand to take care of the repair right now.

No matter the reason you are tempted to delay your roof repair, you should know that doing so will lead to consequences, including potentially serious or expensive ones. Instead of delaying the repair, visit the site of your roofing contractors so you do not need to deal with any of the potential problems caused by putting off the repairs.

Increased Need for Repairs Due to Leaks, Mold, Etc.

One of the biggest issues with putting off potential repairs to your roof is that the need for repairs will increase. What was a small repair will turn into a large one. A small leak can become water damage or lead to mold. The list of potential damage and repairs needed will grow the longer you delay the repairs.

Among the various repairs and issues that likely occur if you delay any sort of repair would be leaked. Leaks tend to occur due to any type of unaddressed roof issue. In most cases, the leaks will not be immediate, but they are an eventuality.

To make matters worse, a leak is never just a leak. The presence of water can lead to all sorts of other issues from mold buildup to reduction in structural integrity. A leak may flood your basement, cause mold or water damage in your home, and damage your possessions. Do not forget to consider the potential of electrical damage from water. Leaks can also lead to roof rot from mold. Roof rot is its own serious issue as it can spread mores throughout the building, break down structural beams, and even cause the roof to cave in.

Reduced Safety

Although it will be far from the first thing you think of, delaying roof repairs can also pose a serious safety risk. This risk can occur in several ways, with the most obvious being if someone were to try walking on the roof. In this situation, the structural weakness causing anyone on the roof to fall through, injuring themselves. There is also the risk of a piece of the roof collapsing or just a chunk falling down. In this case, there is no telling whether or not the falling pieces will hit and injure a person or a pet. The safety concerns will be particularly strong following wind, rain, or snow, all of which can cause weak roofs to experience further damage.

Voiding Warranties

When discussing the consequences of putting off roof repairs, you should also think about the warranties you have in place for your home. In most cases, warranties have clauses that void the warranty if you do not address problems in a timely manner. This can have a dramatic impact as it will affect the warranty on more than just your roof. Damage to the roof can cause damage to the insulation, siding, and windows, among other elements, from water or exposure to the elements. This type of damage would likely void the warranties you have on all of these home components since the damage was due to something which was preventable.

Denied Insurance Claims

Just like your warranty, your homeowner’s insurance will likely have a clause that voids certain types of coverage if you do not take care of repairs promptly. This would also be the case for any other type of insurance that is applicable, such as specific coverage for water damage. Even storm insurance claims may be denied if the insurance company can argue that your damage was worse than it would have been if you had taken care of your roof repairs in a timely manner.

By contrast, your insurance claim would likely be covered if you took care of the repair as soon as you notice. At the very least, you would have a very strong case for insurance coverage. So, putting off the repairs could be the difference between having a small repair bill that is fully covered by insurance and having a large bill you must pay for out-of-pocket.

Quicker Need for Replacement

It is also worth noting that due to the way in which damage tends to increase exponentially if left alone, you would likely find yourself in need of a roof replacement much quicker if you delay repairs. Your roof will last significantly longer if it is maintained properly, including taking care of repairs. While minor damage will typically have minimal to no impact on your roof’s lifespan, that may or may not be the case with more significant damage. Between the previously mentioned issues like water damage and mold, your chances of needing to replace your roof sooner than anticipated increases.

Lower Property Value

A final but no less serious consequence of delaying roof repairs is a drop in your property’s value. It is a simple fact that the roof’s condition has a dramatic impact on the overall value of a property and it will be worth much more if the roof is in good shape and ready to protect the inhabitants. Potential buyers would also be discouraged by the fact that roof problems can decrease efficiency, further lowering the value of the home. Even if you do not plan on selling anytime soon, this reduced efficiency associated with damaged roofs will increase your monthly costs.

Make sure that you do not have to put up with any of the above potential consequences of a delayed roof repair.

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