Things in Nature That Can Damage Your Car

Things in Nature That Can Damage Your Car

Things in Nature That Can Damage Your Car

When I think about things that can damage my car, I envision the hustle and bustle of urban living—reckless drivers, tight parking lots, and the gnarly impact of fender-benders. But more subtle adversaries sometimes pose threats to my car—nature! Y’all should be aware of the things in nature that can damage your vehicle and do what you can to prevent problems.

Tree Sap and Resin

I can’t believe how many times I’ve parked under a tree and come back to my car covered in sap. Gross! Tree sap and resin aren’t as benign as they seem; these sticky substances can adhere to car paint, leaving challenging-to-remove stains and potentially damaging the finish.

Prevention and Treatment

I suggest parking away from trees when possible, especially during changing seasons when sap is more potent due to a high resin content. For an already sticky situation, y’all can treat affected areas with isopropyl alcohol or a specialized sap removal product. Acting quickly can prevent long-term damage to your vehicle’s appearance.

Bird Droppings

When a bird leaves a surprise on your car, it’s not just an eyesore—it’s a problem that requires immediate attention. Bird droppings can be highly acidic and corrode car paint if left unattended for too long. I know it’s gross, but cleaning it off ASAP keeps your car’s exterior in good condition.

Immediate Cleanup

If your vehicle incurs this avian hazard, clean it off immediately. Use a gentle soap and water solution with a microfiber cloth to loosen the droppings and wipe them away. Avoid abrasive materials that could damage the paint during the cleaning process. If a bird damages your car’s paint job, I suggest taking your car to an auto body shop.

Sunlight and UV

It’s no secret that prolonged exposure to sunlight can turn your car into an oven, but the implications go beyond that. UV rays can also fade and deteriorate the dashboard, seats, and exposed plastics in the interior, as well as dull the paint job.

Keep It Covered

Investing in car shades or UV-protective films for my car windows was a game-changer. For the outside, I recommend regular waxing to create a protective barrier against sunlight and retain your car’s shine.

Hail and Storm

Extreme weather like hail storms can pose significant risks to your vehicle. Hailstones can leave unsightly dents or even shatter windows! Y’all should check the weather before parking in outdoor spaces.

Insurance and Repair

If your car does suffer natural havoc, your insurance provider can help cover the costs of repairs. I like to use blankets or hail covers if a storm is approaching. These tools can also be effective, albeit low-tech, protection for your car!

Our cars are ours to protect from nature’s unpredictability. I guarantee that these tips will help you protect your vehicle from nature. A little prevention beats the pain of a repair bill any day!

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