Things To Know Before Selling Homemade Soap

Things To Know Before Selling Homemade Soap

Things To Know Before Selling Homemade Soap

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project? I know I sure do! And creative activities become better when you can transform the hobby into a side gig or full-time career. If y’all love making soaps and other bath products, check out this information guide packed with the things to know before selling homemade soap. You’ll need to buy the right materials and find a way to make your product stand out as you begin selling to the masses.

Your Target Market Decides Product

It may sound a bit odd, but as y’all create new soaps and scents, don’t make what you like. Instead, you should consider what your target market would want. Often, this requires research and following trends to see what’s popular with your segmented groups. This may mean making soaps with scents you don’t always love, but you’ll beat out your competition by appealing to the customer.

Keep in mind that the popular scents for this group could shift as people’s preferences change over time. Additionally, you’ll want to take seasonality into careful consideration. For instance, I love citrus scents, but not everyone feels the same way.

Purchase the Right Products

Every business needs a budget that considers money in vs. money out, so charge customers according to your product and time spent creating it. You’ll have to purchase materials for making soap plus pigment powders or dyes if you decide to color it. As y’all do this, ensure you understand what pigment powder is so that y’all use the appropriate material to dye your soap. All pigment powder isn’t safe for skin products, but mica powder is safe on skin.

Have a Noticeable Brand

To beat out the competition, you need more than a great product since logos and associated colors leave a lasting impact on customers. This is a vital thing to know before selling homemade soap as it helps you rise in a competitive market. Take time to think up a company name, logo, and even associated colors so that you’re always fresh in the customers’ minds. Y’all can also incorporate this into your packaging if you utilize an online market.

Keep Yourself Organized

Everything from the money you spend to the products you create should remain well organized so you can keep an inventory of what you have and need. Create a spreadsheet to track your business budget, then update it whenever you spend or make money.

Likewise, all your materials should have a place in your workspace where you keep them whenever they’re not in use. Finally, I recommend you place finished soaps in a specific area for safekeeping so that you don’t lose or damage any of your products by mistake.

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