3 Items You Should Add to Your Charity List
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3 Items You Should Add to Your Charity List

3 Items You Should Add to Your Charity List

If you’re like me, you enjoy digging through the closets and throwing out clothes that are too big, no longer have a match, or don’t suit your style anymore. I’ve been there plenty of times, y’all. You’re not the only one with a closet or drawers full to the brim waiting to explode. As I learned more about the reasons to declutter my home, I assembled a list of items to donate more often. Today, I want to share three items you should add to your charity list as you organize.


Sometimes I tell myself it’s OK to purchase spare socks because I could never have too many. Y’all know that a busy life means you go through socks like crazy, and spares make that less of an issue. As much as we’d like to think we can’t have too many pairs, there comes the point where we really do need to have a cap on how many sets we buy.

Socks are among the least donated items despite being one of the most needed. If you have pairs of socks you no longer wear or sizes that your family members have outgrown, donate them. Or, if your sock drawer is too full to close, consider donating a few pairs to those in need.


Blankets are essential—they keep us warm at night, but they’re also vital to those who might not have enough warmth at night. You and I both know we have some blankets that we don’t use, so giving them up to someone in need is significantly better than throwing them away, y’all.

Helping to keep others warm is one way to continuously provide those less fortunate than us with something to help them in times of need. Set aside time to get together with friends and family to get rid of blankets we no longer use, from throw blankets to comforters and quilts.


I love my coats as much as the next person, but sometimes I hold onto them too long, and my coat closet makes me look like a collector. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but each of us needs to have one coat for the fall and winter and one for rain and leisurewear.

Instead of stockpiling them, take the time to sort through ones you don’t wear as often or coats that overlap in purpose. Whatever coats you accumulate from your hangers, consider donating them to others instead of tossing them out.

As you rummage through closets and wardrobes, decide what to add to your donation list and set those items aside. While y’all might love an item or worry that you’ll need it later, I promise you that the feeling you get from donating it instead is worth letting it go. You get to condense your closet space and provide for others by giving them essentials that make each day a little easier.

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