Tips and Tricks for Easy Summer Decorating

Tips and Tricks for Easy Summer Decorating
Tips and Tricks for Easy Summer Decorating

Hey, y’all, there’s another heat wave coming through where I am. How about you? When I break out the fans and the fainting couch, I also like to change my home décor to give me a cooler, calmer feeling. I’ve poked around and picked up a few tips and tricks for summer decorating that might work for you, too.

Quit Procrastinating on Spring Cleaning

Even though we’ve passed the summer solstice, also known as the “longest day of the year,” that doesn’t mean we have to let go of spring cleaning. So if we’re going to get all that extra daylight, we might as well get off our patooties and make use of it.

Break out the boxes (you do save every delivery box you get, right?) and start stowing stuff—put away excess family photos, keeping a few summery ones on display. Stow out-of-season holiday decorations. I’m looking at you, Ms. still has Happy New Year banners on the wall and Easter bunnies on the mantlepiece. Pack up excess throws, pillows, and weighty knick-knacks away until next year.

If you haven’t a clue what to use to replace the heavy winter décor on your walls, coffee tables, or mantle, try a home décor subscription box. It’s a cost-effective way to get just what you need to change the seasonal feel of your home. When you open your box, you may find functional pieces that are both decorative and useful for organizing objects that would otherwise clutter up your space.

Switch Your Bedding and Drapes

Why do you still have dark, wintry blankets folded at the end of your bed? Just thinking about them makes me, um, glow (“horses sweat, men perspire, and women merely glow.” Right, Grandma. I’m “glowing” all over the bathroom floor as I scrub the tile). Find a spare shelf or a reclaimed storage bench to hide those heavy woolens until the temperatures drop again.

Change your duvet cover or bedspread to something in a light neutral color, gentle floral, or watery shades of blue or green to cool off the look of your bedroom. Add some fresh flowers in light pastel colors to give your home a fresh, good-enough-for-guests look. Switch out heavy draperies for summer sheers that will flutter in a breeze from an open window on cooler days when the AC isn’t just to keep you alive if you’re lucky enough to get summer days like that!

Reduce Focus on the Fireplace

Rearrange furniture to make a window the focal point of your living room instead of the fireplace. You can place some potted plants in front of the fireplace to add greenery and screening. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, rearranging the furniture to add more space to your public rooms will make your home feel lighter and airier.

Well, y’all, gotta go. I’ve got some major decluttering to do! I hope these tips on summer decorating help keep you cool and “simply glowing” this summer!

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