Tips for Creating a Daily Prayer and Bible Reading Routine
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Tips for Creating a Daily Prayer and Bible Reading Routine

Tips for Creating a Daily Prayer and Bible Reading Routine

Professionals say that it takes 18 days to build a habit and just as long to break one. Even though it only takes less than a month, creating a new routine still requires that we put a high level of effort into our work to make it possible to attain what we are attempting to achieve. I’ve compiled a few tips for creating a daily prayer and Bible reading routine to help you accomplish this spiritual goal.

Write Things Down

One of the best ways to change how you engage your Bible reading routine is to start taking notes. Writing things down solidifies what is in your mind and helps you take an active role in navigating through your spiritual journey. Another great benefit of this is that you don’t forget any great ideas that you might have on how to incorporate God’s Word into your life. In this case, you might have spiritual insights and revelations of things that you could be doing better in your life or how you’re doing well today.

When I read through scripture, I find actively engaging the readings to be essential. You may gain clarity through specific passages and need the help of referencing those scriptures, so writing them down and any notes you want to add to them will help you do this. If y’all aren’t inclined to fill your Bible with notes, a separate journal can keep things tidy.

Pray Consistently

Making a routine for your daily prayer will create more structure and consistency in your life. It will keep your mind focused and clear on any goals you set. This will allow you to branch out and think carefully about anything you might be trying to happen and keep the Lord’s guidance at the forefront of your mind.

The Benefits of Routine

By writing things down and praying consistently, you’re setting yourself up for success. Forming spiritual habits allows you to direct yourself and focus on anything you put in front of you. I feel that by making daily readings a routine part of your life, you change the lens through which you approach the day.

This is the beauty of making a habit of connecting with the Bible. By reading scripture, you can find certain passages that will help to direct you along the way. You’ll need these scriptural verses to help you understand your path and remember why prayer and spiritual study are important in your aspirations and focus.

If you use these tips for creating a daily prayer and bible reading routine, you will succeed at whatever you’re attempting to achieve. Having a plan and sticking to it is an accomplishment in itself.

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