Tips for Hosting a Craft Party Night from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Tips for Hosting a Craft Party Night

Tips for Hosting a Craft Party Night from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Hey y’all! If you’re looking for something fun you can do to bond with your girlfriends, I’ve got the perfect, low-budget, fun-filled activity for you. Crafts are something all ages like to do, and they can end up becoming quite useful little things for your home. Take a look at my little guide on how to host a craft party night with friends. 

Plan for the Crafty and the Non-Crafty

I like to invite all my friends to my get-togethers without limiting the fun to who is and isn’t skilled at certain things. The first thing my best friend always asks me when I host any sort of creative party is, “Is there anything I can do and not ruin there?” and, let me tell y’all. Yes! You can make different crafting stations, so people have options. I like to rank each station with a difficulty level, so my guests know what they get themselves into. For example, I mark the tie blanket station as an easy level one, and the make-your-own-wreath station gets a more difficult level 3. Something my best friend always appreciates is when I purchase a few pre-made felt crafting kits with a full set of instructions to follow and all the pieces in one place. This is still a super fun craft night, just with a bit less pressure on your less crafty friends! 

Get Plenty of Refreshments

What’s more fun for a craft party night than your own signature craft cocktail or punch bowl? Curate a fun drink for everyone to enjoy all night long. This way, you can focus on crafting instead of playing bartender all night. Everyone also gets to enjoy a fun and on-theme refreshment to go along with their exciting crafts. 

Get a Playlist Going

Prior to hosting a party, I like to take some time to compile a perfect playlist to go along with the tone and mood I’m hoping the night will take on. I hosted a Christmas crafting party recently and chose a carefully selected list of calming and festive songs. Pick out some fun and calming tunes—crafting can get stressful, so opt for more soothing beats.

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