Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger
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Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Have y’all ever thought about how much time you spend in your bathroom each day? From getting ready first thing in the morning to brushing your teeth before bed at night and every moment in between, I do a lot in my bathroom. For that reason, I want it to look stylish and feel roomy enough for all my bathroom essentials. If you’re feeling claustrophobic in a bathroom that resembles more of a closet than a room, read on for my favorite tips for making a small bathroom feel bigger.

Choose Lighter Colors for the Walls

I love the warm vibe of a dark navy wall or a deep red living room; however, in a small bathroom, you’ve got to lighten it up. Light colors instantly make a room feel bigger. And although the color doesn’t truly expand the space, the perception that the room is larger improves the atmosphere. Try one of these light and cheery colors for your bathroom walls:

  • Light pink
  • Baby blue
  • Mint green
  • Light gray
  • Buttery yellow

White trim is a great choice to go with these colors for a brighter bathroom.

Choose the Right Lighting

I love natural light; if I can squeeze it into a room, that is my first choice. Still, bathrooms are often the room in the house with little to no natural light. If that’s the case, you need to focus on better lighting. The right lighting can make a room feel bigger, making it essential for a tiny bathroom. Y’all don’t want to attempt mascara in a dimly lit mirror over the vanity. There are many types of bathroom lights, including sconces, overhead fixtures, and lamps. Often, a variety of light sources is the best option.

Use Mirrors

Most bathrooms have a mirror or two above the vanity. Install the biggest mirror you can in a small space without making it so big that it looks out of place. If you can, add another mirror on a different wall in the bathroom. Mirrors give the illusion that a room expands further than it does.

Vertical Storage

Storage—the bane of my existence. It seems there’s never enough. Or do I have too much stuff? Either way, look to vertical storage for all your necessities in y’all’s small bathrooms. Here are a few helpful ideas to make it easier:

  • Over-the-door storage hangers don’t take up any space in the bathroom. Get creative with and repurpose storage designed for spices, shoes, or jewelry. They work well for hairbrushes, lotions, and all kinds of other things.
  • Floating shelves on the wall are simple and can hold small jars for cosmetics, cotton balls, and cotton swabs.
  • Decorative baskets hold items and look cute. You can even use a big one in a corner for towels.
  • Don’t forget about the space behind the toilet. Some cabinets fit perfectly behind it.

As y’all look for ways to make a small bathroom feel bigger, remember light colors, vertical storage, excellent lighting, and plenty of mirrors. By incorporating these elements, you’ll be well on your way to bigger-feeling bathrooms.

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