Tips for Readying Your House for Company

Tips for Readying Your House for Company
Tips for Readying Your House for Company

It’s the season for peppermint mocha and presents as well as for prepping our homes for company, y’all. So now that I’ve caught you at the right time, here’s my list of the best tips for readying your house for company. With this rundown, your home will be ready to take on the first crowd of guests, especially if you’re having company stay over.

Straighten Up the Front Porch

Looking at the porch, you likely have various items scattered, such as dirty mugs, old decorations, and a flamingo pool floaty that made its home on your love seat. Now, let’s not be afraid to call ourselves out, y’all. We’ve all had our fair share of clutter.

As you prepare your home, take away unsightly objects that don’t belong on the porch and store them away. Then, grab a handy broom and sweep around the area, swiping away dust beneath every crack and crevice and delivering a fresh, renewed look.

Prepare Any & All Guest Rooms

If your favorite cousin’s one flight away, it’s time to straighten up and get excited about the prospect of spoiling them while visiting. As you redo your guest rooms, perhaps freshen up the room with new lighting and paint. However, before painting, I recommend prepping the walls first; after prepping, the color lays smoothly, and you don’t need to worry about notching or awkward paint bumps.

Even if your home isn’t luxurious, it can still feel like a home away from home. So make it a memorable experience by supplying fun goodies, including personal care products, favorite snacks and drinks, and even movies.

Improve Your Home’s Scent

Your home doesn’t need to smell like freshly cut roses, y’all. We aren’t trying to delve into a fancy retreat for your guests. Instead, while setting everything up, incorporate some candles and wick sticks to give your home a pleasant aroma. Keep the scents simple; opt for something like lavender or lemon.

However, keep allergies in mind. If there’s a scent your guests can’t be around, then you need to respect it and opt for a fragrance that won’t trigger a sneezing attack.

Be Guest-Oriented

It might seem strange if you sat at a table with your guests and didn’t utter a word. It’s essential to focus on guests’ comfortability, but you also need to make conversation, y’all. So right before guests come over, call them and plan out things based on their interests, ask about recent events, and then curate topics based on those things you’ve discussed.

Catching up can be awkward at first, but keep in mind that your guest might feel shy, so be open and treat them warmly.

As we go into the new year, my list of tips for readying your house for company can help prepare you and your home for guests this holiday season and beyond. One last thing to remember is to take care of yourself and enjoy the company!

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