Tips for Starting a Home Garden
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Tips for Starting a Home Garden

Tips for Starting a Home Garden

Getting yourself a home garden is a dream come true; being able to grow my own fresh fruits has been great. All I can say is that y’all should try it yourselves. To help, I have some tips for starting a home garden.


Y’all have to know, picking a good location for the garden is key! To start, find a spot that balances all the needs for light and space that the plants need. Each plant will require different things, so plan your location and area accordingly. I also suggest y’all choose a spot you can see often. A garden is not just a place for plants, but a sight to enjoy. I find that if I can see the plants, I remember to water and care for them.

Type of Garden

Now, once y’all have chosen a spot, it is time to decide what kind of garden you will have. There are several types of gardening to try.


It is hard to go wrong with the traditional garden. This kind of garden requires the usual dirt to grow the plants. It will require either plots of land or pots to grow your plants. Of course, you’ll need to follow an appropriate watering schedule and care for the dirt. If you choose this kind of garden, it does require its own space.


There is another kind of garden that I really like that y’all might want to check out. Hydroponics allows us to grow plants without using dirt. This kind of garden just uses running water to feed the plants. This style of gardening is actually quite efficient in its water usage, and a vertical hydroponics system can save a lot of room.

Now, if y’all follow these tips for starting a home garden, there should be nothing stopping you from getting your dream garden. The last piece of advice I have for you—choose the plants you want, as they will influence all other decisions.

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