ps for Throwing a Virtual Party from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Budget

Tips for Throwing a Virtual Party

Tips for Throwing a Virtual Party from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Budget

With the pandemic still putting a damper on in-person get-togethers, celebrating special events can feel almost impossible. As a social butterfly myself, I understand the necessity of these restrictions, but I find they’re really detrimental to my friendships and social life. If you’re like me and have a special day or event coming up but still want to celebrate with your friends and family, check out my tips for throwing a virtual party. While a virtual party isn’t quite the same as an in-person bash, for now, it’s all we’ve got!

Actually send invitations

Sending out invitations to a virtual event is almost more important than it is for in-person parties. Physical invitations help people understand that the virtual event is just as real and organized as an in-person event. This means investing in intricate and fun invitations, such as a laser-cut invitation card, is essential. Your invitations should display the date and time of the party, as well as log-in instructions and helpful tips for using whatever platform the party will take place on.

Plan and test activities ahead of time

When people arrive at the virtual party, many may not know exactly what to expect. This is where pre-planning comes in. After your guests arrive and you welcome them to the event, be sure to provide a quick outline of what the party will entail. Unlike a regular party, people won’t be able to wander off or break into smaller, side conversations, so you will need to plan out some activities that everyone can participate in together.

Have a menu (yes, really!)

When someone told me I should have a menu for my virtual party, I thought they had lost their marbles! But, when I found out their reasoning, it made total sense. Having a set menu can mean a few different things. If you’re hosting a smaller virtual get-together and most of the guests live nearby, you can drop off a small snack box to give the group some excitement and camaraderie. If your party is a bit bigger or you have guests from far and wide, sending out a suggested menu with fun and easy recipes is a great way to bring people together and build excitement for your event.   

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