Tips for Transitioning to the Empty-Nester Life
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Tips for Transitioning to the Empty-Nester Life

Tips for Transitioning to the Empty-Nester Life

The kids have all grown up, gone off to college, and raised their own families; it feels like they’ve forgotten about you. Here’s a word of comfort, y’all: you taught them right, and now it’s time for them to live their lives. It’s OK to feel a little lost once they’ve moved out, but I’m here to tell you it’s going to be alright. Here are some tips for transitioning to the empty-nester life.

Reassess Finances

After years of supporting your children, it’ll take some getting used to spending money on yourself. But that’s the most fun part! Have you always wanted that Jeep Wrangler? Go for it! Now is the time to start using your money the way you want. That includes putting more money away for retirement!

Start Spending More Time With Family and Friends

Being a new empty-nester means that you have more time on your hands. The big question is: how are you going to use that time? Start doing more activities with your family and friends!

Consider Downsizing Your Home

Once the kids have all moved out, they only come to visit what seems like twice a year! Part of reassessing your finances is downsizing your home and belongings since it’s no longer a full house. Not to say that your children won’t come to visit, but it is helpful to have a smaller home to clean.

There are a few things you should know before downsizing, including figuring out what your next steps are. If you still want your big home, go for it, y’all!

Accept the Situation

Perhaps the most crucial part of transitioning to the empty-nester life is to accept the fact that your babies are out of the house. But don’t think for one second that they don’t still need you! Your kids will always need you, no matter how old they are.

Trust that you taught them well and that they’ll be fine! The bird has to fly out of the nest eventually, so stay positive.

Although your kids don’t live with you anymore, that doesn’t mean they’re not in your life. Follow the above tips for transitioning to the empty-nester life, and you’ll have a harmonious relationship with your children! Try to find a good balance between visiting them, showing you’re there for them, and respecting their boundaries.

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