Tips to Make Your Makeup Survive the Heat


When we go out to groceries or health shops, we check the opinion of other people to know which would suit our liking the best. Others check the best conditioner reviews here in Manila while some check the makeup reviews from the United States. There are days when the weather is just too hot, usually the women get exhausted of seeing their makeup run or don’t last long. Here are a number of makeup tips to make the products on your face survive the strong heat.


Quality Brands

If you definitely want to use makeup that’s good on your face and would blend well, it’s fairly important to invest in quality makeup brands that don’t necessarily mean it’s supposed to be expensive, but it should guarantee that it’s going to suit on your face. Invest wisely on the makeup you’ll buy so check the reviews online through popular blogs and vlogs or you can even ask your friends who are also interested in makeup to know more.


Know Your Skin Type

By knowing your skin type, it will enable you to help you better regarding the products you need to have this includes whether you’re oily or dry, if you’re white, fair, yellow, or dark. There are makeup out there built to suit anyone’s needs and will make anyone look flawless later on.


 Use a Primer

 If you really want your makeup to last and survive throughout the day, especially on sunny days, use a great primer. The recommended primers are the ones which suit your skin type and have the staying power which will make your makeup last longer. Look for one which has a mattifying finish and moisture.


Choose a Brush instead of a Sponge

Most beauty products come with a sponge, rarely do they come with brushes. It’s ideal to use a brush because of how it gives a lighter finish and better coverage on your face. If you may have noticed, when you use sponge to retouch sometimes your sweat sticks on the sponge, making it rather “yucky.”


 Avoid Shimmer and Gloss

 Back in the days, everyone was all about the shimmer and gloss because it was considered fabulous. But now in our modern era, we may already say that that trend is already obsolete. It’s also not recommended to wear these on hot days because it will make you look sweatier. Lip gloss can also damage the lips if worn on sunny days.


Wear Light

Another useful tip is to just wear the light and right makeup for your face during the day. Simple primer, powder, blush, eyebrow, minimal eyeliner, and lipstick with the right shade are already good enough. Just remember not to wear heavy foundation because not only will it feel heavy on your face during these days, but it will not last too long as well.

Females and males who are fashionable and trendy should follow these tips to make your makeup stronger! Now go out there are enjoy the sun while your makeup gladly stays on your face.


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