Tips To Keep Your New Furniture in Pristine Condition
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Tips To Keep Your New Furniture in Pristine Condition

Tips To Keep Your New Furniture in Pristine Condition

When you purchase a gorgeous new piece of furniture, you want to make sure it lasts for many years. However, with pets, sunshine, children, and more, I know it can be a challenge to keep the items in good condition. To help y’all with this issue, here are a few tips to keep your new furniture in pristine condition.

Protect From the Sun

Many people don’t realize that the sun damages all types of furniture. Couches, tables, chairs, and any other types of furniture can start to fade or crack from direct sunlight. There are many ways you can prevent sun damage to furniture, such as using window treatments and curtains. Personally, I prefer to use blinds to protect my furniture, and I make sure to close them whenever the sunlight shines directly through the window.

Avoid Moisture and Keep It Clean

Moisture is your furniture’s worst enemy, especially if y’all live in humid climates. Since the humidity is high where I live, I never leave the furniture outside, even when cleaning it. I always keep the furniture indoors—unless it’s patio furniture, of course. The moisture usually collects in couches and plush chairs and can cause mildew and mold. If y’all clean your furniture regularly and keep it dry, you shouldn’t experience any of those problems. For wooden furniture, it’s a great idea to clean and polish them regularly. Many people, including myself, love the look of a shiny wooden table, and the polish helps protect the wood from scratches.

Use Coasters and Avoid Scratching

Another one of the best tips to keep your new furniture in pristine condition is to use coasters, placemats, covers, and other items to protect your furniture. For example, with my wooden table, I use coasters for drinks and placemats for plates and silverware. This helps to prevent any scratches and keeps the table looking new. If you have pets, you may want to protect your couches from their nails and hair. As a pet owner myself, I always cover up the couches with sheets to protect the fabric, and it makes my cleaning routine a lot easier.

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