Top 10 Wealthiest Content Creators of  2023

Top 10 Wealthiest Content Creators of  2023

Top 10 Wealthiest Content Creators of  2023

The world is obsessed with online content, helping social media influencers become millionaires overnight. Just between June 2022 and June 2023, the top 50 content creators raked in a total of $700 million.

A fascinating study by revealed this and a few other eye-opening stats that will make you stand back and admire the power of social media influencers and their loyal and addicted followers.

Top 10 Wealthiest Content Creators of  2023

Here’s a closer look at the top ten wealthiest content creators, who are earning millions with their innovative content, ingenious marketing strategies, and charisma.

  1. Mr. Beast

While it may seem like Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast, gives away plenty of cash, he is also raking in the dough. With 377.1 million in total following, he alone made $82.3 M, which was roughly 11.7% of the total earnings made by the top fifty.

  1. Rhett & Link

The comic duo behind Good Mythical Morning, Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III, have a total of 51 million followers across all platforms. Their funny podcasts and shows have earned them a substantial $35 in total income, placing them second on the list.

  1.  Preston Arsement

While gaming industry influencers have been on the rise for over a decade, we all know that they dominate a chunk of the content creation industry. Preston Arsement is an ace in the industry who has successfully capitalized his 39 million followings and earned 35 million income last year.

  1. Ryan Kaji

A sensation amongst YouTube-loving children, Ryan Kaji is only twelve years old. He became a household name by turning his wildly popular toys and games unboxing videos into a successful business. This tiny reviewer has also earned 35 million, which is a solid 5% of the total made by the top 50!

  1. Jake Paul

If you keep up with influencers even a little bit, you must have heard of Jake Paul. This music and boxing niche influencer has been around since Vine, and his following has now reached a solid 73.1 Million. Creator of diverse content, Jake Paul earned 34 million last year with his various endeavors.

  1. Elliot Tebele

The king of meme culture, Elliot Tebele comes sixth. While he has around 25.6 M followers, he makes an impressive $1172.20 per 1000 followers. He accumulated 30 million in earnings last year, by extending his portfolio with investments in board games and Jaja tequila.

  1. Mark Edward Fischbach

Markiplier has made his name in the world of gaming influencers, garnering a whopping 74.6 million followers. While he has earned a significant amount through his niche, he has now expanded to the fashion industry, with his own clothing brand ‘Cloak’. His total income in 2023 was $30M.

  1. Sean Mcloughlin

Following close to Mark Edward is the ‘Cloak,’ Sean McLoughlin. Popular as Jackseptoceye, he enjoys a chunk of the gaming industry and has enmassed around 54.5M followers. He has bagged $27 million in 2023. 

  1. Matt Rife

Matt Rife is famous for his humor, his looks, and his controversial opinions. The handsome TikToker has a following of 28.4 million, and has successfully monetized them into an income of $25 million!

  1. Olajide Olatunji (KSI) 

Who doesn’t love reaction videos? KSI is one of the top reaction influencers who made a fortune of $24 million last year, with his FIFA game, music, and boxing reaction videos.

These are the top ten richest influencers of 2023. The new year will probably bring in more game players, and a lot more incredible content. It is the era of influencers, so if you feel like you can make it too, why not give it a try?Take a closer look at the study here.

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