Top Clothing Storage Hacks You Need To Know
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Top Clothing Storage Hacks You Need To Know

Top Clothing Storage Hacks You Need To Know

Well, hey there, y’all! Have you done the seasonal switcheroo yet? Do you feel compelled to find those shorts and khakis buried in your dresser somewhere? It is time to dig everything out, toss it on the bed, sort the spring from the fall and winter, and decide what to keep and what to donate or recycle. The only problem is, everything you decide to keep must go back in the drawer, and you discover half of it should have been hanging up in the closet all along. Never fear: I’ve got some top clothing storage hacks you need to know to help you stay organized and manage your closet, even when you decide to keep everything and add some new clothes regardless of the tight storage space.

S-Hooks Are Your Friends

You can double or triple your hanging space by using an S-hook. Then, insert coat hangers in every other chain loop to create a vertical cascade of tops within just a few inches of vertical space, instead of a foot of horizontal space.

Create Outfits in Advance With Clothespins

If you never saved those suit hangers that have one hanger for a jacket with a skirt hanger attached below, you can make something like it with clothespins. Just pair a top with a skirt or pants, hang the top on the hanger, and use clothespins to attach the skirt or trousers to the horizontal bar of the hanger.

DIY Shoe Rack

Apparently, because of course I wouldn’t know about such things, bottles of wine come in cases with neat cardboard dividers. If you have an empty box like that, or perhaps venture into your grocery’s liquor department (for the first time, I’m sure) to ask for one, you’ll find the dividers are perfect for holding pairs of shoes. Just put your shoes in the little cubbies, and turn the box sideways so that you can see them. Voila! DIY shoe rack.

Preventing Blouse Bumps

Don’t you hate it when you hang your one good silk blouse up to keep it from wrinkling, and when you take it off the hanger, it has two little humps in the shoulders where the hanger poked into it? One of my favorite clothing storage hacks is wrapping hangers in sections of foam pool noodles. That will put a stop to those bulgy blouse blunders!

Pool noodles also come in handy for organizing headbands. Just cut a slit in the pool noodle, and cut its length to match a second closet rod you’ve hung above or below the primary one in your closet. Then open the noodle just enough to fit it snugly around the rod, and you’ve got a ready-made headband storage system.

Have fun with the spring wardrobe switcheroo!

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