Traveling with Your Pets at Universal Orlando Resort

Traveling with Your Pets at Universal Orlando Resort

Traveling with Your Pets at Universal Orlando Resort

For those of us who wouldn’t dream of taking a trip without our cats or dogs, Universal Orlando Resort makes it easy to treat yourself and your four-legged friends to a vacation.

Traveling with a pet requires some planning. Undercover Tourist, a world-leading seller in discounted attraction tickets, has some tips to keep your pet busy and comfortable while you’re experiencing the park:

  •  Make a packing list

Having a list makes it easy to check things off as you pack. This way, you can avoid forgetting your pet’s favorite toys, bedding, treats, and food.

  •  Stay with your pet

With the exception of Cabana Bay, all hotels on Universal Orlando property are pet-friendly. They offer the Loews Loves Pets program, which provides amenities (for a fee) made especially for our furry friends. Some of these amenities include:

  1. Specialized bedding, leashes, collars and litter boxes with litter and scoopers
  2. Special treats
  3. Pet walking and sitting services
  4. Water bowls, place mats, dog-walking route maps and much more
  5. Gourmet room service menu for both cats and dogs


  • On-site kennel at Universal Orlando Resort

Daytime kennel services are available on-property for $15 per pet, per day. The kennels operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is recommended you arrive when they open at 8 a.m. If you’re not staying on property at Universal Orlando, you may still board your pet at the Universal Orlando Resort. Kennel attendants supply water and keep things clean, but owners are asked to take their pet for a walk at least once during the day.

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