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Trick or Treat! Safety Tips For Halloween

Trick or Treat! Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween is a barrel of laughs for any kid with a sweet tooth! But for parents it can be stressful. With an abundance of free candy, there’s a good chance your tot will overdo it on the sugar, and be bouncing off the walls until late into the night!


Whether you intend to take your kids trick or treating, or if they’re going in a group with friends, sugar crashes and ghouls aren’t the only horrors that exist on All Hallow’s Eve. On any other day, the idea of your kids knocking on a stranger’s door would rightfully be of concern! In some US cities, crime on Halloween can skyrocket by up to 50%. Not to mention that this year Halloween falls on a Saturday. The biggest danger posed to your children are motorists, who may be intoxicated.


Being aware of the perils of the holiday is the first step. Once you spot the risks, you can work with your kids to educate them about Halloween safety. To help make the process smoother, Instant Checkmate created this infographic about Halloween safety tips.

What are your top tips for having a safe Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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 Amy-Rose Lane has written for The Huffington Post, Elite Daily and The Liberty Project. She lives in San Diego with her family.

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