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The True Effects of Television on Children


Today, there are several affordable televisions in the Philippines to indulge everyone with a total quality entertainment without hurting their wallet. Apart from being an entertainment device, television is also an educational medium that inspires and inform its viewers.

However, apart from being an educational and entertainment tool, television has several adverse effects to the society, especially to the young ones. That is why parents are encouraged to guide their children when watching their favorite TV shows or programs.

Since television is one of the most important mediums of communication, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the various benefits and negative impacts of television on children.

The Advantages

Being a communication medium, television is a very powerful tool that influences how a specific person thinks and behaves. Listed below are some of the benefits of television in our lives especially to the young ones.

  • There are various television shows that educate and inspire its viewers. Choose educational TV shows, such as National Geographic, History Channel, or Discovery Channel.
  • Since TV shows have its powerful impact on its viewers, let your children watch TV shows that inspire and instill positive values, such as empathy and being a kind and responsible citizen.
  • According to the scientists at the University of Siena, watching cartoons can reduce anxiety among children. Hence, a few hours of watching such TV programs can be helpful in decreasing their stress or pain.
  • Watching TV shows can enhance the speech and language skills of children. Opt for educational and engaging videos or TV shows that has conversational scenarios.


The Disadvantages

Despite being an educational and entertainment medium, television also has its negative impact on its viewers, especially to children. Here are some of the negative effects of television on children and how to avoid such harmful consequences.

  • Remember that too much of anything is bad. That is why it is important that there is a specific time allotted for watching TV. One to two hours a day will suffice.
  • Some TV shows contain content, such as too much violence, morbid images, or inappropriate language that are not suitable for younger audience. So before you allow your kids to watch their favorite TV shows, identify the different classification ratings of each TV programs. These classifications are general patronage (G), parental patronage (GP), and strong parental guidance (SPG). This classification rating will be your guide if the specific TV program is appropriate for your kids.
  • The violence shown in some television programs has definitely an adverse effect on children. Make sure that if you let your kids watch TV shows with such content, you will explain to them what the disturbing images are and clarify the differences between real and virtual life.

Indeed, television is a huge part of our culture. As a parent, you have the power to control the screen time of your kids. Make sure that you use television as a helpful and educational tool for your kids rather than a harmful one. After all, this powerful medium plays an important role in influencing and shaping young minds.


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