TV Chefs to Watch If You Want to Learn to Cook
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TV Chefs to Watch If You Want to Learn to Cook

There is an endless amount of TV chefs to watch all over your channels. Most are self-aggrandizing know-it-alls. But there are others that are excellent for showing you the basics, advanced concepts, and even the best tools to use when it comes to cooking for yourself.

TV Chefs to Watch If You Want to Learn to Cook

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The Illustrious Ina Garten

Ina Garten has become a household name in the US and an internationally recognized domestic queen. She has a talent for taking seemingly complex recipes and showing you how to do them at home. And she almost always includes things you would usually pay good money for that are ten times better when made at home. Just check out this homemade ricotta recipe as a perfect example. Alternatively, check out the UK’s Delia Smith, as she is a very similar cook.

Delightful Rick Stein

Rick Stein is always a pleasure to watch. The main reason is that you get history and cooking lessons at once. While Rick doesn’t have Michelin stars, he is considered one of the best chefs in the world. Additionally, when you watch Rick, you don’t really get a cooking lesson per sé. But what you do get is a demonstration of some of the best dishes in the world that might usually be hidden from you. For instance, how to make the signature dish of a world-renowned hotel chef.

TV Chefs to Watch Include Gordon Ramsay

For all his foul-mouthed antics on many, many TV shows, Gordon Ramsay is a very acute teacher when it comes to cooking. Having been taught by Marco Pierre White, this is no surprise. Gordon doesn’t demonstrate how to cook well on most of his TV shows. But his book and TV show “Gordons’ Ultimate Cookery Course” are like a head-on crash course on everything you need to know, from how to sharpen a knife to perfect soufflés every time.

Fabulous Rachel Ray

Another domestic queen to watch out for is Rachel Ray. Rachel has been around for a long time, and although she comes across as a talented home cook, she is a supremely talented chef. But her bubbly attitude and always cheery approach to cooking will inspire you to get in the kitchen and tackle anything. And she always gives you great advice, such as making the most of leftovers, cooking for families for less, and planning the perfect food for parties.

Naughty and Nice Nigella Lawson

Naughty and nice doesn’t refer to Nigella’s personality. This reflects her attitude toward the sumptuous food she creates. While she is the queen of desserts and the naughty things you know are bad for you, she always balances this with hearty yet healthy recipes for the individual, family, and of course, gatherings, which she loves. So if you are stuck for food for any occasion, you can never go wrong with Nigella’s easy-to-follow “ how to” recipes in her shows.


Not all of your favorite TV chefs to watch offer valuable information about cooking. But there are some to look out for, including Ina Garten, Gordon Ramsay, and of course, Nigella Lawson.

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