Unique Ideas for Your Chair Rail
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Unique Ideas for Your Chair Rail

Unique Ideas for Your Chair Rail

Y’all, my new obsession lately is old houses. Do you know what all old houses seem to have? Chair rails! Adding a chair rail to your home adds unique character to it, and they’re a chic addition to any room. They get their name from their original purpose. Originally, people put them in their dining rooms to prevent the chairs from damaging plaster walls. Today, designers use them to break up paint colors, add style, and express a home’s personality. Check out some unique ideas for your chair rail.

Paint One On

Instead of the traditional wooden chair rail, consider painting on a faux chair rail instead. It’s an easy DIY project that adds depth and intrigue into any room. To achieve this look, simply decide how wide you want your faux chair rail to be. Next, use painter’s tape to outline that space around your entire room. Then, fill this section of the wall with whatever paint color you want!

It’s a great option for people with smaller spaces who love the look of a chair rail and the depth it adds to the room but can’t justify raising the walls.

Use Tiles

Another great option to add a chair rail to your home without installing typical wood is to use tiles. This super trendy decision makes any room look vintage and funky. You can use a beautiful patterned porcelain tile for a bold and fun look or go with a standard subway tile for a subtler update.

Pro Tip: Keep the tiles level all the way around for the best results. If you install them on a slant, they may make your room look warped or crooked.

Use Wallpaper

Another unconventional choice for chair rail is wallpaper. Many home improvement and home goods stores carry easy-to-install stick-on wallpaper that you can cut down to size. While best practice is to use a paper cutter that ensures straight lines, you can measure and cut very carefully without one.

Adding a wallpaper chair rail allows you to capitalize on the style and trends you love without committing to an entire wall or room of it.

There are so many more unique ideas for your chair rail, but these are my favorite. Chair rail and other vintage or antique styles are making a comeback, and I am loving it!

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  1. All the ideas mentioned in the blog are the best one but I think the most economical option is adding a chair rail to your home without installing typical wood is to use tiles. T

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