Unique Ways To Make Your Home Exterior More Exciting

Unique Ways To Make Your Home Exterior More Exciting
Unique Ways To Make Your Home Exterior More Exciting

If first impressions are everything, what is my home’s exterior saying? If I take the time to make the interior just how I want it, how can I neglect the exterior? Instead, I want to make it just as lovely and unique as the inside. Follow along, and let’s jump right into some unique ways to make your home exterior more exciting.

Have Fun With Window Trim

Your window trim doesn’t have to be boring, y’all. Make your windows stand out with trim that isn’t cookie-cutter style. Here are some ideas for unique window trim:

  • Play around with color. If colors coordinate, they don’t have to all be the same. If you want beige door trim and dark brown window trim, that’s perfectly fine.
  • Add some architectural interest with ornamental molding above the windows.
  • Install window boxes and shutters.

Shed Some Light on Your Home

You likely have outdoor lighting, but is it purely functional? Why not spruce up your home’s exterior with interesting outdoor lights? Try the following lighting styles for the outdoor spaces of your house:

  • Replicated gas lanterns and sconces for an old-world vibe.
  • Solar lanterns that hang from tree branches.
  • String lights on the front porch.
  • Solar landscape lights that you line the walkway with.
  • Mason jars with battery-operated tea lights or vintage-style bulbs. Hang them in trees or set them around the porch.

A warm glow from outdoor lighting makes your home welcoming and cozy.

Install a Flagpole

If y’all really want a yard that isn’t a replica of the neighbor’s, start with a high-quality flagpole right in the front yard. Flagpoles show your patriotism and create a magnificent focal point in your front yard.

When using your flagpole for an American flag, remember all the etiquette that goes along with it. Even at your home, traditions fly with the flag. You must understand things like half-mast flag rules so that you don’t offend anyone who may be mourning a loss. You’ll truly impress your neighbors as Old Glory waves to them as they walk by.

The Front Door

Some folks say the front of a house is like a face, with the windows being the eyes and the door the mouth. If that’s the case, is your door smiling? Front doors are a focal point of a home, whether that’s our goal or not. You can make a huge impact and create a unique and exciting home exterior with these front door ideas:

  • Paint the front door in a bold, contrasting color.
  • Paint the door solid black for a sophisticated look.
  • Renovate and create a double front door.
  • Update your old door with a modern style.


Lush landscaping doesn’t have to mean hours of yard work. I know I sure don’t want that. Still, y’all need some pizazz in your landscaping to make your home lovely and rare. Here are some fun ideas for beautiful landscaping all year round:

  • Add pops of color with potted flowers. Plant them so that they alternate blooming times.
  • Keep your landscaping nicely trimmed.
  • Create a cottage vibe with billowing peonies, cabbage rose bushes, and hydrangeas.
  • Keep your lawn well-fertilized and weed-free.

If landscaping isn’t your thing, no worries. Hire a professional to do it right.

Have fun with your home’s exterior, and make it uniquely yours.

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