Use Plant Symbolism to Elevate Your Decor from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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Use Plant Symbolism to Elevate Your Decor

Use Plant Symbolism to Elevate Your Decor from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Plants can drastically transform the tone of your living space. They are easy to incorporate into designs, most require little care and are easy on your budget. Think about which qualities you want to infuse into your room. Plants symbolize a variety of unique emotions, ideas, and moods. And if you know the different symbolism that accompanies different plants, you can enhance and personalize your space. Plant symbolism is also a great way to select a meaningful gift for a friend.

Plant and flower symbolism studies have been a discipline since the Victorian era when people would use plants to speak for them and convey their emotions. While some of this symbolism is based on legends, it is also based on the plants’ origins, appearance, care requirements, and their overall characteristics.

There are plenty of reasons to fill your home with budget-friendly and stylish living decor. Plants are a great mood-booster that can help improve your state of mind and the state of your home. Many plants have health benefits like air purification, they remove toxins from the air and introduce fresh oxygen into your space.

Below is the symbolism for some of the most popular houseplants and an in-depth plant symbolism guide from ProFlowers.

Air plants are reminiscent of freedom and creativity. They don’t need to be anchored to the soil, allowing them to be used in creative home decor pieces like hanging plant designs or wall art. Their small size also makes them ideal for people who live in small spaces.

Cacti have spines on their exterior that represent protection. They can survive in conditions that other plants could never deal with making them a great gift for someone who’s going through a tough time. Succulents are also great representations of endurance.

Plants in the ficus family are representative of abundance, peace, and unity. They are a great symbol to bring into a household to represent the cohesiveness of your family. Lucky bamboo and money trees represent good fortune and are great for an office space or someone who’s an entrepreneur.
Find the meaning of your favorite houseplant below. If you want some free inspirational wall art, check these plant symbolism printables out!

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