Village Tavern A Delicious Delightful Dining Experience

About a month ago I attended an amazing blogging event in Gastonia hosted by the amazing group Carolina Blogging. Although the conference was in Gastonia, my girls and I stayed in Charlotte. While in Charlotte, we were able to dine at a fabulous restaurant that was new to all of us girls expect for my friend, Liz who met up with us the day of the event. This fabulous restaurant was The Village Tavern. The Village Tavern, in the heart of SouthPark is the neighborhood gathering place for all occasions. They offer great food, attentive service and an unbelievable value. Come enjoy a great variety of menu offerings sure to please everyone. This is what their website reads and they weren’t lying.

To say the food was fabulous would be an understatement but the service was even more incredible. Our waiter anticipated our every need. Don’t take my word for it just look at the food we ordered.

Maddie got the Tavern Flatbread. This contained tomato sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, hamburger, onions,  and mozzarella. Sounds good doesn’t it. Just look at the picture.

village tavern pizza

She couldn’t finish it all and she even shared it with Mikaela.

My friend Liz got the grilled tilapia. She chose asparagus spears and sweet potato fries as her sides. She said it was absolutely delicious and she eat every bite of the tilapia and asparagus.
And  I got a cheeseburger with mozzarella cheese with sweet potato fries. I normally am not a fan of cheeseburgers but when I saw that I could get mozzarella on it I wanted to try it. Plus at this point I was totally famished.
I think this was probably the best burger I had ever eaten. It was that good I also ended up taking part of this home as well. Mikaela, my middle daughter, decided she just wanted to get a simple bowl of macaroni and cheese. Although this was still good. It was too rich for Mikaela. She would rather have a simple mac and cheese. Yep that’s my girl.
Don’t you just love her cheesy smile? But not to be outdone Maddie decided to get in on the cheesyness?
Although this is not a restaurant that we would have gone to on our own, we still had a fabulous time and the food other than the too rich macaroni and cheese was very satisfying. I also loved that we were seated immediately as this was our third choice to eat. We had wanted to eat at The Cheesecake Factory but there was just a 45 minute wait for a beeper and then an hour and a half wait after that. Um no! I love Cheesecake but not that much.
So if you are ever in Charlotte visit the Village Tavern located at 4201 Congress Street. I promise you won’t be disappointed but keep in mind that the food can be a little rich for some like it was for my daughter.

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  1. I am always nervous to check out a new, unknown restaurant but sometimes those can be the best! So glad that it was a delicious meal. Thanks for sharing at the TALENTED TUESDAY link party!

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