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Vintage Present Table

Recently my oldest daughter graduated not only from high school but with her two-year degree from the community college. Getting your high school diploma and your college degree at the ripe age of 18, we wanted to do something to help celebrate this accomplishment. We decided to give her vintage country shabby chic party. We hosted it at the farm that she has worked at for the past three seasons. When I was going about trying to figure out how to decorate the card and present table I came across some interesting ideas on Pinterest. But as I have said before I like to take those ideas and make them my own.

Vintage Present Table

The first thing I did was decide how to cover the table. Would you believe that the tablecloth is an actual wedding dress, that I had picked several years ago at a thrift store? I didn’t even have to cut it. I just placed the dress on the table and arranged it so the back of the dress was the focal point.

vintage trunk 1

Then I placed an old trunk on top of the dress. I was very lucky in that a friend of mine had an old trunk that she let me borrow. I blanketed the inside with another wedding dress. This one was a little more vintage looking and had more lace. I let the lace drape over the front of the trunk.

vintage trunk cards

Then with wallpaper samples and ribbon, I made  5 blocks. On each block, I then glued another wallpaper sample on top, with a black sharpie I placed a letter in the middle of the block.  On the first I placed a C, then A, then R, then D, and then S, spelling out the Word Cards.  I taped each of the blocks on a diagonal onto the ribbon and then draped the ribbon across the back of the trunk’s lid. On each corner of the ribbon, I place a fabric rosette. All of this cost me just pennies to make. So what do you think of the finished product?

vintage trunk finished

Sending you Champagne Dreams

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