Wall Street Expert Give His Tips for Holiday Shopping


The last thing people want at the start of a new year is a pile of bills and debt collected from holiday shopping. Too often the stress of spending money on presents, food, and decorations can stop you from enjoying the holiday season.

Former Wall Street executive and finance specialist, Peter Treadway, provides his tips for helpful holiday shopping advice.

Don’t go anywhere until you budget:

  • Smart spending for the holidays starts with a budget. Instead of setting a list of people to buy for, first, figure out what you can spend. Planning is the most effective means of saving.

Make a list, Check it twice:

  • Sit down and make a list of your gift recipients, as well as what you want to buy them. Once you have a plan of attack in place, research your gift ideas.  Then research them again!

Become familiar with Amazon and eBay:

  • Gifts can often be found cheaper on e-commerce websites. These sites have the exact same products as department stores, but for a margin of the price. This shopping method also saves you from venturing into stores where you will be tempted to splurge.

Quit while you’re ahead:

  • People tend to continue shopping even after they have purchased all the gifts on their list. This often happens because we are simply “shopping around” and find an additional present for someone you have already checked off your gift list. Once you complete your gift giving list.  STOP.

Walk away from the peppermint latte:

  • While you are out shopping, don’t stop for that extra coffee boost or pretzel. For example, buying a $4.75 coffee four times a week is almost $20 you could have put towards a present.

Treadway hopes to make the most of your spending this holiday season so please let me know if you are interested in more expert financial advice! He is also the author of Coco’s Gambit, a book that mixes business betrayals and duplicitous love.

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