Ways to Celebrate a Pregnant Friend from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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Ways to Celebrate a Pregnant Friend

Ways to Celebrate a Pregnant Friend from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Every pregnant woman comes into the beginning of her nine months with a different frame of mind. Some are apprehensive new moms; some are seasoned, carrying their fourth kid. Some have been waiting for this moment for a long time, while others are pleasantly shocked but a bit scared for the baby to arrive. Y’all who have had kids will identify with at least one, if not more, of these women throughout your mom’s life. To best bless someone else navigating a pregnancy, keep in mind these ways to celebrate a pregnant friend that ensure, however they came into their nine months, they feel valued and loved.

Give the Perfect Baby Shower

The most obvious occasion to celebrate your pregnant friend is their baby shower. When I get to deck out a venue in honor of a friend who is expecting, I make sure to add their personality all over the place. Use their favorite colors and make a playlist for background sound. Take pains to litter the room with every inside joke you have about them and explain it so other guests aren’t left out of the fun. That way something like an ugly cat mug that’s featured on every table makes more sense.

The other, more practical side of the baby shower is the gift you give your friend. Make sure to pick the perfect baby shower gift by thinking about what moms need most and leaving some room for adding your own flair too. While it’s tempting to go the cute route, all a mom wants is a gift that makes her life easier, like that baby carrier they have on their registry.

Ask What They’re Excited (or Worried) About

You can also talk through what it means to be having a new child. I know I especially wanted to shout to the heavens how excited I was to be pregnant with my first. I had visions of making her laugh as I held her and stroller-ing through the neighborhood in the sunshine, and it all made me feel overwhelmed with happiness. Give the pregnant mom in your life an opportunity to express how they feel. As you know, this is an emotional time for a new mom. And the flip side of positive emotions are the bad ones they’ll inevitably feel. Give them time to talk about their fears too, whether they’re afraid of not being a good mom or worried about how their lives will change. Lend a loving ear to whatever they need to say.

Be There to Meet the New Baby

When baby finally comes, visit the hospital and be ready to gush over their newborn! Rather than overwhelming parents immediately after birth, come a bit later. When you’re there, maybe give them a colorful gift to brighten up their room. Remark on how great mom looks too—she’s been through a lot and probably thinks she looks like a wreck. Make sure to hold the new little one and ask mom and dad how everything went. This story—when labor started, how everyone got to the hospital, and what it was like to see their child for the first time—will be retold forever. Get to know it so you can refer back to this memorable day.

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