Ways To Incorporate 2021’s Interior Design Trends
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Ways To Incorporate 2021’s Interior Design Trends

Ways To Incorporate 2021’s Interior Design Trends

Another year, another decorating trend—or 10. Y’all have probably learned not to drop everything and remodel your house just because someone says polka dots are popping. But you can freshen up your home with some updated accents. Try these small ways to incorporate 2021’s interior design trends. And if you like them enough to start tearing up the carpet… Well, that’s not on me.

Black Kitchens

If you’re finally on the stainless-steel appliance train, I’m sorry to tell you this: You’re too late. Designers are recommending refrigerators and ovens in matte black, along with counters and cabinetry to match. The good news of this trend is that you can get away with cleaning less often. The bad news is that you won’t know there was a major syrup spill until you’re stuck in it.

Baby Steps

This girl and her bare budget aren’t about to go overboard investing in the decorating equivalent of a black hole. Still, it can’t hurt to switch out my white toaster for a black one. And if you’re hesitant to try matte black, manufacturers can help you transition with an option for “black stainless steel.”

Ocean Breezes

The Coastal design influence is still increasing in intensity—which is strange for what’s supposed to be a laid-back look. The idea is to make your home look like a waterfront getaway with a gray-blue palette, striped throw pillows, rattan in the living room, and so on. It is an excellent opportunity to use airy linen slipcovers on chairs and sofas. It’s not sloppy; it’s beachy chic!

Baby Steps

Believe me, y’all—I am not on the beach. But I need new window treatments anyway and wouldn’t mind hanging more sheer fabric panels. Maybe if I play around with wire in the hem, I can make them look like they’re permanently dancing in the wind.

Multifunctional Furniture

Since so many of us have had to jam home offices into our living space, space is at a premium, and furniture needs to do double duty. End tables boast fold-out surfaces for writing. Ottomans and benches have hidden room for storage. Desks mount to the wall and fold up when they’re not in use. I have even seen futuristic beds that include a built-in remote-controlled recliner, Bluetooth speakers, a bookshelf, a desk, a charging station, a reading lamp, and an air-purifying system. I won’t lie to you—I want one.

Baby Steps

Remember, y’all: There are easier ways to incorporate 2021’s interior design trends that don’t involve slapping down $6,000 so that you never have to move from the bed again. For now, I think I’ll just try a folding breakfast tray with a slot for my phone. Hey, I need to be as multifunctional as the next guy. My arms get tired when I’m binge-watching Bridgerton on repeat.

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