Ways To Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

Ways To Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

Ways To Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

As the end of the school year approaches, I think now is the perfect opportunity to make vacation plans for you and your family. The pandemic has made it difficult to go to many vacation destinations. So, instead of relying on more traditional holiday plans, why not consider touring the country with a road trip? If this sounds appealing to y’all, take note of these ways to prepare your car for a road trip to minimize difficulties and make your trip much more comfortable.

Wash and Wax

Giving your vehicle a thorough cleaning before hitting the road will keep it looking glossy and fresh. It’ll also help improve the efficiency of your vehicle by eliminating dirt and debris that may choke the airways to your engine, cause scratches along the exterior, or allow rust to take hold. After giving your car a good clean, I recommend applying a fresh coat of wax. This will further improve the car’s appearance and shield the paint from UV rays that would otherwise dull it. Additionally, it’ll protect the car from debris you encounter on the road that could cause damage.

Maintenance Checklist

After washing your car, you should inspect some of the finer components of your vehicle to prevent any mechanical failures. You need to check your car’s oil, fluids, and air filter and replace them as needed. These are tasks you can complete yourself with a bit of guidance. So, don’t worry about having to send your car to a mechanic’s shop if you’d rather take care of it yourself to save time.

Storing Luggage

One of the less mechanical ways to prepare your car for a road trip is to understand how best to store your luggage. I highly recommend that you avoid putting your luggage on top of your car because it’ll create friction and drag as the air pushes against it. This drag will force your vehicle to consume more gas than you’d need otherwise to maintain the same speeds. To get the most mileage per gallon, only pack what you can fit within your car.

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