Ways To Update Your Bathroom on a Budget
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Ways To Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

There are many ways to update your bathroom on a budget. Controlling our spending often forces us to get a little more creative, which can lead to a fun and updated place to shower in the mornings and soak in the tub at night. Let’s use the following ideas to get started!

Improve Lighting and Electrical

Nothing can outdate a bathroom quite like light fixtures that have been in use since the previous decade. A quick swap for newer fixtures will instantly boost the lighting and mood in the bathroom.

While y’all are busy with the lights, it’s a great reminder to also update any electrical needs. Older homes may not have GFCI outlets. We need GFCIs to protect us from electrical shock, especially in rooms with running water.

As long as the electrician is there, he can tackle both the lights and outlets at once.

Paint the Vanity

Paint covers a multitude of sins, even on that dusty old vanity. Y’all don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars in a new vanity. For much less, hit the local paint store and choose a yummy color that makes you want to cover everything in it; but please only cover the vanity.

Baskets and Shelving

Sometimes getting organized and clearing off the counters in the bathroom can make it feel like new. Is there a spot where a small shelf can hang on the wall? Take advantage of any wall space you have; fill the shelves with cute little baskets to hide that hot pink nail polish and glorious lipstick collection.

Towels and Rugs

Out with the old and in with the new. I love to perk up my bathroom with a fresh set of towels in the latest color craze, along with cute rugs to match. Just changing the color scheme from 1980-something to the 21st century revives the bathroom and my spirit.

I hope y’all enjoy these simple ways to update your bathroom on a budget! Happy reviving!

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