Wedding Gift Etiquette for Budget-conscious Guests
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Wedding Gift Etiquette for Budget-conscious Guests

Wedding Gift Etiquette for Budget-conscious Guests

Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love with great perks – food, drinks, dancing, and fun memories with family and friends. Weddings have also become big events with a lacy and tulle-covered maze of new and old etiquette rules. One area of weddings that can be confusing is gift giving. How much do you give? How many events do you have to give for?

According to research, wedding guests spend an average of $118 on their gift. Let us help you unravel some of the mystery and help you save and budget better for weddings so it’s more fun and less financially stressful.

How to Choose a Gift

Not sure what to give the couple at their shower or at their wedding? Take the guesswork out of picking the perfect gift and shop the couple’s wedding registry. Couples typically spend a lot of time curating a registry filled with items they do want, so while it may feel impersonal to buy them an item for their kitchen, you’ll know you’re getting them what they need. Today, many couples are choosing modern registries like Zola that allow couples to choose items from many different retailers and even register for experiences or a honeymoon fund.  

When Should You Give?

The standard rule is that you give something at each wedding-related event you’re invited to. Invited to the engagement party? Bring a gift. Packing up for the Bachelorette? Pack a gift. Dressing up for the wedding shower? Wrap up your gift, too. You don’t have to go over the top for each though! Give a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate the engagement. For a bachelorette party, get personalized t-shirts for the bridal party or a sash and veil for the bride. Thoughtful doesn’t have to mean expensive.

How Much Should You Give?

A lot of guests still adhere to the “cover your plate” rule of gift giving at the wedding. The new rule is to spend according to your relationship with the couple. Is the couple a coworker or a distant friend? Consider giving $50 – $75. Is the couple a close relative or friend? Then consider gifting $100 – $150.


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