wedding budget

Wedding on a Budget

wedding budget

Getting married is considered as one of the most expensive life events. You invest in a florist for your most-photographed flowers, photographer to have amazing shots of your wedding, and of course, food catering to indulge you and your guests in celebrating your special day. Fortunately, there are affordable wedding caterings in Manila to join you as you celebrate another milestone in your life without breaking the bank.

Apart from hiring affordable wedding catering, there are more practical ways on how to make a luxurious wedding without spending too much. Here are some of the useful tips on how to pull off a wedding on a budget.

Plan Carefully

wedding planning
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One of the first and efficient ways on how to have a wedding on a budget is to plan your whole wedding ahead of time. The earlier you plan, the better, thus, avoiding the last-minute stress. Carefully list all the things and details you need to cover and do so that you won’t forget any important details. You can also use comprehensive wedding checklist (can be found online) to ensure that you will prepare a certain task in its recommended schedule.

Have DIY’s

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Pinterest definitely gives us many wedding ideas and inspirations. Create a Pinterest account and you can search for various wedding DIY’s you can use as a guide. Common DIY’s for weddings are wedding favors, table centerpieces, and flowers. Seek the help of your crafty friends when doing DIY’s and it will certainly save you thousands. Moreover, make sure that you choose a decoration that is not time-consuming so that you can create more wedding DIY’s.

Opt for Digital Invitation

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Going paperless and not having the traditional way of giving invitation will definitely allow you to save money and trees, too. Since technology is already part of our daily lives, opt for a digital invitation. There are many websites that enable you to design your own invitation and optimize it to both desktop and mobile devices. For example, Wedivite, a website that gives a couple a convenient way to plan and create their invitation. Through Wedivite, couples allow their guests to suggest wedding songs, RSVP, get directions, and upload pictures to the social wedding album.

Consider Having the Reception in a Restaurant


wedding reception restaurant
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When you rented a certain wedding venue, sometimes the lighting, decorations, and silverwares are not yet included in the price rate of the venue. This will cost you more since you also need to buy that stuff to complete the look of your wedding reception.

Instead, opt for a restaurant reception since many restaurants in the metro includes fancy decors, lights, and music to their package. This option will definitely save you a thousand bucks.

Consider Having a Breakfast Wedding

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Breakfast food is definitely cheaper compared to lunch and dinner meals. Having a breakfast buffet that contains a waffle bar, omelet station, and a pancake wedding cake is definitely delicious, isn’t it? Apart from being a sensible choice, breakfast wedding is unconventional, too, making your wedding one-of-a-kind event.

Follow these helpful tips to have a stylish yet budget-friendly wedding!


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