Wedding Speeches 101


Did you know that more than one in two wedding guests say the speeches are the most memorable part of the day? In fact, delivering a good wedding speech is so crucial that the same number of wedding guests also admit that they have seen a bad speech almost ruin a wedding day.

When it comes to the people who have to put-pen-to-paper and have to draft a wedding speech, it is the usual suspects in traditional weddings. These include the father-of-the-groom, the father-of-the-bride, the groom himself and the best man.

With the pressure on to write a perfect wedding speech that is light-hearted, but still heartfelt, an ideal mixture of good spirits and unmistakable affection towards the bride and groom, doing a bit of research can really help.

Have a look at the below infographic which has been created by the Sheraton Athlone Hotel. It acts as a ‘cheat sheet’ for the bridal party and outlines the basis of what makes a great wedding speech as well as top tips on how to deliver it.


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