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What is Hygge? 5 Ways to Include it in your Home Decor

 What is Hygge 5 Ways to Include it in your Home Decor

Over the past decade, there have been plenty of home decor fads, trends and obsessions that have been unable to stand the test of time in terms of usefulness. Anyone else immediately remove popcorn ceilings upon the purchase of a new property?

So what exactly makes a design trend achieve longevity? Enter: hygge. Pronounced hoo-gah, this Danish decor practice combines the lifestyle of enjoying each moment to its fullest with relaxing and cozy interiors. 

There are several key principles included in hygge. Simplicity, relaxation and companionship are all important elements to keep in mind when considering your decor. Use these 5 simple ways to incorporate hygge into your life and home style. 

1. The Great Indoors

Bring the outdoors in with plants that add some color to your space. 

Think about the different types of plants you can purchase – potted, hanging or cascading – to incorporate varying looks throughout your home. Macrame plant hangers are popular right now and provide an understated feel that perfectly aligns with hygge.

Don’t quite have a green thumb? You can’t go wrong by purchasing a plant based on your zodiac sign for a match that was written in the stars. 

2. Max Out Minimalism

At its core, hygge is all about keeping life simple. Scandinavian decor tends to lean on the simplistic side and there is a huge selection to consider. Choose accent furniture that is understated and won’t take away from more cozy staple pieces. 

3. Cozy Up

Think about curling up next to the fire, in your most comfortable sweats with a warm cup of hot cocoa. Now embrace that feeling in your surroundings. 

This is the perfect time to invest in soft blankets, plush throw pillows and cozy furniture to truly turn your space into a hygge haven. There are plenty of affordable options for sofas online to keep your home decor renos within budget.  

4. Vibe with your Tribe

Tune into the companionship principle of hygge and get together with those you love the most. It’s easy to run through the motions and get stuck in a rut of solitude. Bring people together by planning a dinner party, hosting a game night or featuring the newest released movie. 

5. Find your Light

Coziness often requires a certain kind of ambiance only atmosphere can bring. Create a relaxing hygge abode by incorporating candles and string lights into your home. There are a bunch of different ways to use string lights, so keep things interesting by choosing an arrangement that is unexpected yet natural. 

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