What to Know When Planning a Destination Wedding from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

What to Know When Planning a Destination Wedding

What to Know When Planning a Destination Wedding from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Weddings are some of the most magical moments in life. Binding yourself to your loved one for eternity is something to celebrate. Some people have their weddings in nice churches, country clubs, or even their own backyards. Others go all out and have their weddings in unique destinations. These types of weddings require special attention so that nothing goes wrong. If you’re looking to have your wedding outside your hometown, this list of what to know when planning a destination wedding will ensure your big moment is everything you dreamt it would be.

Pick the Perfect Venue

Everything must be accounted for in a wedding venue: the décor, timing, and overall vibe all matter. You should pick a venue that speaks to you. I recommend that you think about everything from the weather to the local culture when you’re picking your destination venue. This is your wedding, after all. Have an idea of the type of décor that will match your tastes. Beaches are popular choices, but you can pick a city, resort, or even a castle. The possibilities are endless.

Notify Your Guests

When you’re hosting a wedding out of town, common courtesy is to notify your guests well in advance. You want people to be able to come, especially close friends and family members. Destination weddings can catch people off guard because they require more travel, lodging, and other arrangements. Do everyone a favor and let your guests know even before you send out the official invitations.

Familiarize Yourself with the Destination

Do your research ahead of time. You should never pick a location simply because it seems nice without doing any further research. That’s a recipe for disaster, y’all. Different locations may have different marriage requirements, especially if you’re traveling internationally. For example, some countries may not legally recognize your marriage unless you stay there for a certain amount of time. Listen, I don’t make the rules. To have the best wedding imaginable, consider taking a trip with your spouse beforehand to familiarize yourself with the location. Take this time to check out local cuisine and customs. 

Consult a Specialist

It’s perfectly okay to enlist a little help with your destination plans. Just as a wedding planner helps you arrange your food, entertainment, et cetera, a destination wedding consultant is the perfect resource for any questions or concerns regarding your venue. For instance, if you’re planning a destination wedding in the Outer Banks, you can hire a destination wedding company such as Ocean Atlantic Event Rentals to set up your tent, décor, tables, and other furniture. When you’re stressed with every other part of your wedding, these people are a gift.

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