What You Need To Start a New Quilting Hobby

What You Need To Start a New Quilting Hobby

What You Need To Start a New Quilting Hobby

Do y’all have a hobby you enjoy? If you don’t but wish you did, you may want to consider quilting. I love a good quilt, y’all! A well-made quilt lasts forever and makes a beautiful heirloom. If you’ve always wanted to try but aren’t sure where to start, begin by collecting some basic supplies so that when the mood strikes, you’re ready to go. Let’s delve into what you need to start a new quilting hobby.

Cutting Tools

Some simple cutting tools are all you need in the beginning to cut your fabric. After a while, if you want anything else, you can add them to the collection. Start with these three cutting-related tools.

Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is a round blade that rolls across the fabric to cut it. It’s great for quilting since you don’t have to lift the material up; instead, the blade moves across it and slices the material. Rotary cutters are also helpful when you need to hold a straight edge on the fabric while cutting.

Cutting Mat

Although the rotary cutter is one of the most useful quilting tools, it’ll cut right onto the table if you aren’t careful. To prevent that from happening, purchase a quilt cutting mat to place under your material when cutting.


A good old-fashioned pair of sharp scissors will have endless uses as you quilt. Just hide them so that they don’t disappear along with all the other scissors in your house.

Measuring Tools

Measuring is key when quilting. The pieces must fit together properly, or you end up with a crooked quilt. To start, you need only a simple ruler.

Choose Your Fabric

I know what y’all are thinking—this is the best part! And you’re correct. Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing time in the fabric store, ogling at beautiful patterns and colors? Well, when you start quilting, you’ll have an excuse to go more often.

As a beginner, cotton fabrics are the way to go since it’s easy to work with. You’ll want to gently care for your quilts so that they last a lifetime, and cotton is an excellent material for easy care and heirloom quality. It’s also breathable, making it perfect all year round.

Construction Tools

You’ll need a few tools to piece together your masterpiece. As a new quilt-making enthusiast, there’s no need to overwhelm yourself with all the latest and greatest quilt construction gear. Instead, have the following tools ready:

  1. Iron and ironing board
  2. Sewing machine
  3. Safety pins and clips
  4. Thread and needle

That’s it! With these basic tools, that’s all you need to start a new quilting hobby. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the latest and greatest, or it won’t be fun. Instead, start simple and work your way up as you enjoy a new adventure.

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