What’s Your Money Love Language from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

What’s Your Money Love Language?

What’s Your Money Love Language from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Sometimes, sticking to a budget is hard. Whether you are saving up for a new home, or even a new pair of shoes you have been eyeing for a while, it’s sometimes hard to reach that goal. Sticking to a budget doesn’t have to be grueling, and neither does facing your financial strengths and weaknesses. 

With the Valentine’s Day spirit in the air, there is something special about spending money on the ones you love, including yourself. During this season the chocolate, teddy bear, and rose gifts start to come out to play. Yet, some people may receive and give love differently than others. 

By now, the majority of people know about the famous relationship guru, Gary Champman, who created the five love languages and how to navigate them. Oddly enough, these love languages have more to say than just how you like to show your love for one another. It also has something to say about how you like to spend your money. 

The five categories in which the majority of people prefer to express and receive love are: 

1.Acts of Service: Any action carried out to help someone else. 

  • You love helping others stay on track financially, but don’t neglect your goals.

Tip: Use an app to manage your spending.

2. Quality Time: Setting aside time to spend together without any interruptions or distractions. 

  • You’re great at planning outings with friends but look for more free activities.

Tip: Meet with an accountability buddy weekly. 

3. Physical Touch: Being physically close to reinforce your connection to one another.

  • You’re more careful with your money when you can physically feel it.

Tip: Physically pay with your cash whenever possible.

4. Words of Affirmation: Verbal or written statements that ensure your love and appreciation for one another.

  • You’ll achieve your financial goals faster when you write them down. 

Tip: Communicate often with your partner about money. 

5. Receiving Gifts: Tangible and thoughtful proof of your love and support. 

  • You’re a gift guru, but keep a close eye on your budget. 

Tip: Reward yourself after reaching a savings goal. 

Knowing you and your partner’s money love language could grow your romantic relationship, and how to approach saving for large purchases, like your first home. No matter how frugal you’re living to reach your goals, it doesn’t have to feel that way. Creating and sticking to a budget that has room for necessary purchases, while funding you and your partner’s future is crucial for success. 

Are you curious to find out which love language you may be and how this may affect your financial decisions? 

Go through Mint’s money love language flowchart with your partner over dinner to see how you and your loved ones like to utilize their finances. Do you like to reward yourself with a gift or use cash instead of a credit card? 

Whether you are thinking about making a big investment, or simply ready to take the leap of moving in with your partner, this flowchart may have a couple of financial pointers to making money decisions.


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