When Times Get Tight 9 Things You Can Sell If You Need to Make Money Fast from North Carolina LIfestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

When Times Get Tight: 9 Things You Can Sell If You Need to Make Money Fast

When Times Get Tight 9 Things You Can Sell If You Need to Make Money Fast  from North Carolina LIfestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

You are very behind on your bills, your car’s tank is empty, and your fridge is empty. Clearly, you are in a financial quagmire which you need to get yourself out of as soon as possible. Whether your financial status is as a result of ongoing budget issues or an unexpected emergency, one thing is clear: you need money fast. Fortunately, there are numerous ways for you to get back on track as far as your financial situation is concerned. You may decide to go for a short-term gig like delivering products, babysitting, or driving for a taxi company. You may also opt to cut your expenses. You will find how easy it is for you to live without subscribing for a gym membership or watching Netflix. In the long-term, you can decide to look for a better-paying job and following a strict budget. However, the easier way to go about solving a financial crisis is selling your stuff. Trading your commodities for cash makes it possible for you to get the money whenever you need it. This process offers others benefits as well as minimizing clutter and allowing you to rethink how you spend on items. You may be less compelled to remove your debit or credit card when you remember how much junk you bought in the past. All in all, if you are ready to make money fast, here are 9 things you can sell.

1. Video Games and Consoles

With the advent of new games every month, there are chances that you require new and improved versions of what you have. If that is the case, you should consider selling your video games for cash. There are various ways to do that including taking them to a pawn shop or simply selling them online through your social media accounts. Think of a reasonable price and make sure that the price is not too high as to discourage buyers.

2. Furniture

You made a bedroom makeover, but your old furniture has never made their way out of the house. Selling your old furniture is an excellent way to free up space in your bedroom or living room and make cash in the process. Your chairs and tables will most likely fetch higher prices as opposed to your old clothes or books. You can list your items on different online sites as there are numerous places that allow for free advertising. You can also decide to hold a garage sale depending on where you come from. There are applications which can also connect you to your local buyers so you don’t have to struggle to look for places to sell your furniture. If there is a piece you believe is worth a dime, such as an antique sideboard, you can try selling it to the antique dealers.

3. Kids Toys

Kids’ toys are among the best things to pawn, especially during the festive season. However, you can still sell toys and earn some extra money all year long. You can either sell them through your social media account or on sites such as craigslist. Alternatively, you may opt for kids resale outlets. Just ensure the toys are clean and in good condition.

4. Scrap Metal

Handling scrap metal may seem a dangerous affair, but it’s important to note that these substances could easily make you money. It is easy to make a living selling scrap metals, as long as you are determined to make something from it. If you are running out of cash and have some old appliances in your home (kitchen pans, construction materials, metal patio furniture, and aluminum pans) you need to know that you can easily convert them into cash.  Copper is quite a valuable component when it comes to the scrap metal business and these can be found inside your old electronics.

5. Sports Equipment

There are a number of sites that can purchase your unwanted sports gear. Therefore, if you are in need of finances to settle your bills or solve an emergency, you should consider selling your high school or college sports items you no longer use. List your old gold clubs, hockey skates, and snow boots on the peer-to-peer marketplace and get yourself some cash to handle your financial needs.

6. Gift Cards

At one point or the other, you may have received a gift card which you are certain you will not use. If that is the case, then you have a couple of these sitting in your wardrobe. Selling gift cards is an easy way for anyone to earn money because you don’t need to wait. There are online sites that allow you to enter your card and the price you intend to sell.

7. Jewelry

You have had that tacky heart-shaped necklace given to you by your ex years ago sitting in the jewelry box. If you are running short of cash, this is something you can sell to earn yourself some easy cash. Selling unwanted bracelets, rings, and fine jewelry has been a popular way of making some extra cash. According to the American Gem Society, you can visit different shops and compare the offers made before deciding to sell.

8. Holiday décor

Before decorating your home for the seasonal decorations, make sure that everything available is what you really want. If there are things you no longer need, you can decide to sell them for easy cash. Get rid of the old decorations and the Christmas tree by selling them to your next door neighbor or anyone willing to buy.

9. Vintage Stuff

If there is a crate of stuff from your grandparents in your attic, you may decide to sell them for easy cash. These items may appear like junk, but chances are someone out there will find them useful.


When things get so tight and you are out of cash, you need to get creative and convert some of your items into commodities of sale. If you have one or more of the items listed above, chances are you can make some money by selling them in a pawn shop or online.

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