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Which Housewife Are You?


I am huge fan of all the Housewives shows. I was hooked years ago when I saw the first episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County? I totally love that original but I also love the other ones as well. Yes I have to admit that sometimes these women tend to be petty but sometimes it is good to look at the lives of others to realize just how good you have it. Sure I might not have millions of dollars, but I have a family and a life that I am very happy with. I stumbled on this quiz on the Bravo site asking which Housewife are you? So I took the quiz and to be honest I like the result.

real housewives (1)

It said You are Yolanda Foster!

Often called the Dutch Martha Stewart, you are the ultimate hostess and know how to make your guests feel welcome. (As long as they’re on your Dream Team). You turn lemons into lemonade. . .literally. And then you use them to make yourself a Master Cleanse. An expert at romance, you’ll do anything to keep your love life, well, lovely.

I didn’t like Yolanda when she first started but now I see how much having Lyme Disease has mellowed her out. She has actually become one of my favorites on Beverly Hills. So I will wear that badge proudly. Now take the quiz and let me know which Housewife you are?

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