Why Fall Is the Best Time To Purchase a Boat

Why Fall Is the Best Time To Purchase a Boat

Why Fall Is the Best Time To Purchase a Boat

The changing leaves and lower temperatures mean the summer boating season is over. However, fall is the best time to look ahead and purchase a boat for next year—and I’ll tell y’all why!

Offseason Discount

Fall marks the end of boating season for many areas around the country, so owners are storing their vessels for the offseason or putting them up for sale. With boating season six or more months away, there’s not a high demand for boats—buyers can typically find vessels at affordable prices.

For potential boat owners, it’s a lull period in boat buying when there’s typically low demand and urgency from boat sellers to get rid of some inventory and make space in their showrooms. If you’re purchasing a boat, the fall season is the best time to do it.

Time for Upgrades & Maintenance

When purchasing a new or used boat in the fall, give yourself months to get it into shape and make any repairs or upgrades you’d like. If you purchase a boat in the spring or summer, you don’t want to waste the limited season for getting out on the water making repairs or upgrades. I want my boat on the water, not in the shop!

As a new boat owner in the fall, you’ll have months to take care of any maintenance or repairs the boat needs and add some upgrades to make the upcoming season the best it can be!

Simple Upgrades That Add Value to a New Boat

If you buy your boat in autumn, consider some simple upgrades that can help improve your boat’s resale value!

New Canvas

The canvas on a boat can be a critical feature—providing shade for those long, sunny days on the water. Canvases can wear down quickly, so consider replacing them with brand-new ones.

A larger canvas that offers a greater enclosure area would be attractive to potential buyers. You could even add a retractable canvas, so setting it up and tearing it down is a breeze.

Modern Sound System

What’s better than a day on the water with friends, family, and tunes? If you ask me, nothing! Installing a new sound system can take some time, so the offseason is a great opportunity to outfit your new boat with a great sound system.

A modern and capable sound system will make those days on the water even more fun and add value to the vessel!

Lithium Batteries

One of the simplest ways to add value to a boat is by swapping out a standard lead-acid battery for a lithium one. When it comes to lead acid vs. lithium batteries, lithium units are much lighter, last longer, and offer more power storage.

Swapping one for the other doesn’t take much effort, and your boat will be better for it in the long run.

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