Why I Love My Header (And You Should, Too!)

If you dropped by the blog this week you might have noticed a few changes that have taken place. I addressed the first change in my blog post yesterday and that was adding a picture of me.  A picture where I feel beautiful. Then I added a bigger about me section in the side bar. But one of the biggest changes was implementing my new header design. I totally love it before I start writing about how it came about I want to remind you of what it looked like before the change.

I created  it myself by using a picture from my daughter’s quince anos. (15-year-old Birthday Party). Although I liked it I had a review done on the blog and most people thought that this blog was a wedding site.  Although I am the mom of three beautiful girls I am not ready to start planning weddings yet. So I decided to get a more professional header. I decided to ask the fabulous Sarah from Dirty Fish Designs to see if she was available to design a header for me.

sarah and I  (2)

As you may remember Sarah also designed my new blog buttons so I knew she was the person I wanted to design the header. When designing the header it was almost like Sarah read my mind. I basically just said ” I like the colors that you did the buttons in. Not really sure what I want just something new. ” Even though I was really vague with Sarah, she totally knocked this one out of the ballpark. She sent me the design and I was like I am so in love with this. Can  you believe that out of something so vague came this new header?


So tell me what do you think of the new design?

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  1. I never would have thought this site was a wedding site based on that title. At all….

    I do love the new header 🙂

  2. I actually love the new header and thought she did a really fabulous job. I just love when your designer can make things you like without too much direction.

  3. I love the new design. I am currently working on giving my blog a fresh new look. I love that photo of you. You look great.

  4. Your design is great! I am working with a friend to redesign my header. I am excited to see how it comes out.

  5. I didn’t remember that she did your blog button too. You’ve found an absolute gem to do this kind of work!

  6. I like your header style and it looks very beautiful. I love the color as well. After seeing this, I think I should think about redesigning my header. Love this share.

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