Window Cleaning Tips for the Cleanest Windows Ever from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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Window Cleaning Tips for the Cleanest Windows Ever

Window Cleaning Tips for the Cleanest Windows Ever from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

A clean and tidy home with sparkling windows looks so much welcoming that you cannot ignore cleaning the windows every now and then. Cleaning windows might not be as difficult as it is to maintain them. A few hours after you finish cleaning the windows, it seems like it’s time to clean them again. 

If you are tired of trying to get away with the stubborn spots, you can opt for professional help with window cleaning services in NJ. Once you get your windows cleaned by professionals, it will not need much effort to maintain that. Following are a few window cleaning tips that you can easily follow. Have a look- 

  1. Prefer microfiber cloth over a newspaper- Many people clean their windows by using wet newspaper. However, it is not a good cleaning idea if you wish to get a spotless window. Newspapers often leave lint behind. Prefer using a microfiber cloth instead as it easily grabs all the dirt and dust and gives you a sparkling window. 
  2. A squeegee can make your job a lot easier –It is extremely important to remove the water and soap completely after you are done with the cleaning. Invest in a good quality rubber-bladed squeegee tool to get a sparkling window without much effort. 
  3. Seeking professional help occasionally is a great idea –Nothing can beat the work that professionals would offer. If you are someone struggling to manage time to maintain your home, hire a professional to quicken your task and also to reduce your responsibility. Window cleaning services in NJ are a great option for you to check out.
  4. Make your own window cleaner –Homemade cleaning solutions work great, especially when it comes to cleaning the spots and marks from your windows. Mix half a teaspoon dish detergent and one-fourth cup of white vinegar in two cups of water to prepare your own DIY window cleaner.   
  5. Make a window cleaning day –We never forget to do all the dusting, mobbing and cleaning. Then why do we often forget to clean our windows? This is because all the dirt and dust that gather at the window tend to hide behind your beautiful curtains. So it is important that you designate 2-4 days each month as window cleaning days. When you make a routine for yourself, the chances of forgetting things or giving excuses will also reduce and you will have clean and shining windows to welcome you.
  6. Clean it from both the sides –If you want to get the cleanest windows ever, it is really important to clean it from both the sides. The outer sides of the windows tend to get dirty more quickly as it is exposed to dust and pollutants. However, when you are cleaning the windows it is important to give equal importance to both the sides and apply the same cleaning tips.

We all love to stay in clean and tidy homes. However, cleanliness comes when each and every corner of the house is dust free. Try the above-mentioned window cleaning tips and enjoy your time with family in a clean and healthy surrounding. Good luck.   


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Adriana Smith is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a freelance writer. She aspires to help her readers get the best home care services by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

One comment on “Window Cleaning Tips for the Cleanest Windows Ever

  1. Excellent cleaning tips! I make my own window cleaning solutions using vinegar, distilled water, and fresh citrus oil. To get a streak-free window I crumple up some newspaper and use them for wiping the windows.

    As suggested I’ll add few days into my cleaning schedule designated for window cleaning to avoid being missed out.

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