Window Shopping Great Way to Save

I love to window shop. I know sometimes people think it is depressing but I think of it in another way. I think of it as a challenge. How can I recreate the look cheaper and in my own unique way. Recently we visited Concord Mills Mall in the Charlotte/ Concord, North Carolina area. I wish we had planned more time to visit there because there were a whole bunch of shops I would have loved to have gone into but we ran out of time.

concord mills mall

There is something exciting about going into a store and trying on clothes. Of course there is always time for a selfie while you are in the dressing room.  The lights in the dressing room always make things look better.

window shopping selfie

Window shopping is a great way to have fun and to get inspiration plus you are getting some exercise as well so how can it be bad. Next time you are in the mall I challenge you to look at the displays and see how you can make it your own at home. You will be surprised with what you come up with as well as how much money you will have saved.

Just think as window shopping as Pinterest with exercise. So instead of letting your fingers do the walking on your keyboard allow your legs to get up and moving. It can be great fun and even better if you do it with a friend. Because a second set of eyes will help spark your creativity even more. So you see fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money it just requires some creativity on your part.

So what do you do for fun that helps you to be creative?

Sending You Champagne Dreams

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