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A Women’s Guide: How to Accessorize Your Ride


In our generation today, people must stop sexualizing the genders wherein the males should be like this; the females have to do this, and so on and so forth. People have to take into consideration that women can also drive as well as the men, or even better using a Toyota Altis in the Philippines for that matter where females participate in racing using the same car. Women drivers have to treat their car as their own baby, so spice it up by accessorizing your ride.

Here are the basic accessories to have for your car:



First and foremost, a vital accessory for your vehicle is to tint it. Tinting prevents the outside people to see inside, and can even help you have shade against the sun.


Car seat covers

For any female out there who wants to change the seat covers, do so. There are thousands of design options to choose from so pick nicely! Take note that the fabric of the seat covers vary because some fabrics are hot, some are hard to clean, and some just might not fit your liking.


Floor mats

Pick the best quality for your car so that the dirt will not be that seen and is convenient to have for your car.


Necessary tools

Have a bag filled with flashlight, wheel adjuster, air pump, and an electrical cord for some of the basic necessities for your car in case of emergencies. Know how to use them as well so that you won’t have to depend on other people if ever something unfortunate occurs.

Now, the additional accessories to have are indicated below:


Dashboard mat

Buy a dashboard mat that will stick on your important things such as phone, wallet, and keys so that you can easily see and get your stuff.


Air freshener

if you have that specific scent on mind that you consider as your favorite, find them in grocery stores or your local car shop to smell that scent whenever you are in your car.



It’s nice to put pillows in your car for additional comfort for you and your passengers. A neck pillow surely helps you to have your neck in place and not hurt, and your passengers may use if you’re up for a long ride.


Charger and cables

For all the ladies out there, it is undoubtedly true that we all need our phones to talk to our friends or take pictures of what we want right? Place some phone charger and cables in your phone to charge your almost empty phones during driving.


Cute decorations

There are numerous cute decorations to buy in many stores in malls or online. Spend wisely as you find that cute accessory for your car then place it somewhere you will not be bothered once you start driving.

Driving is certainly fun but always remember to exert extra caution at all times. Make your driving better by putting these accessories for your car that you will use and for your passengers to use as well.


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