The Writing is on The Wall
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The Writing is on The Wall

With three active girls and a husband who is always working and all my doctor’s appointments, it is hard to keep track of everyone’s schedule. I have always wanted a more streamlined way to keep track of where everyone is and what events are occurring on any given day in our family. I tried a dry erase board but that didn’t work.

I have always wanted to do a chalkboard on my refrigerator door but have been a little afraid it would not turn out right. I looked around my kitchen to see if there was another place I could make into a chalkboard. Then a light bulb went off in my head. You see there is a wall that the trash can sits up against that can get pretty dirty. It seems that my girls can’t seem to hit the trash can sometimes and also they never know when to push down the trash. So I thought why don’t I just paint the whole wall? Using chalkboard paint, I did just that.

The Writing is on The Wall

I created a calendar with a three week time period. It is such an easy way to keep track of our daily activities. I love how the wall looks and it only took me an afternoon to solve not one but two problems.

What have you used to keep track of your families daily activities? Have you turned something that was an eyesore into a work of art? Please share.

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