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Champagne Reading: Romancing Redemption

Publication Date: October 31, 2014 Facing a life of prostitution or homelessness, Rosie Scott must make a choice centered on keeping her and her sister safe in the wilds of an unforgiving Montana land. With their background, the two girls need a fresh start.In Colby, Montana opportunities are as thick as needles on a pine tree. Savvy and independent, Rosie decides to take a chance and start a business, earning her the respect of many town residents. She catches the eye of two men. One

Champagne Reading Pre Order This Awesome Book for $.99

One night. That’s all it was supposed to be. No strings. No complications. Grace DeLeo didn’t do one night stands. She was a relationship girl through and through. All of that went out the window when she met Logan in a bar while he was in town on business. Logan McFadden liked his no strings lifestyle. He loved his rules. Everything had a place, and there was no space for a relationship or feelings. One night. That’s all it took to change things forever. Pre-order $.99 Amazon /B&N /Kobo

Love Potion Collection Champagne Style Reading

    What do you get when you take eleven awesome paranormal authors, toss them into one box set, and turn up the heat? Why, you get Love Potion No. 11, of course. This box set contains ELEVEN full-length novels from eleven authors. And right now. . .for a limited time. . .it's only 99 cents. Talk about a bang for your buck. Eleven full length paranormal novels celebrating strong women, sizzling hot heroes, and all the things that go bump in the night. Secrets by Liz Schulte:

Simple Ways to Show Your Love

Sometimes showing someone you love does not take a lot of money. It is the thought that counts. Yea it is nice to get presents from the one you love but that if you get those material things all the time you get a little spoiled. So here are some simple ways to show someone just how special they are to you. The first suggestion is to write a handwritten note. I love when my girls write me little notes and I find them throughout the day. Another way to show your love is to cook a home cooked
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