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5 Uplifting Things To Tell Your Child When They Compare Themselves to Their Rich Friends

For children, there comes an age when they start to notice not just the things they have in common with their friends, but also their differences. When there is a gap between your family’s wealth and that of the families they spend time with, this can often become upsetting for your child. However, with just a few words of wisdom from you, they don’t have to stay upset about it. Here are five uplifting things you can tell your children which will change their outlook on the situation.   1.

Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Embrace Those with Disabilities – And How to Get Started

Guest post by Laura Harrison, Co-Founder & COO of Jonas Paul Eyewear With the last few weeks of summer coming to a close, running errands often include your little ones! But before you head to the grocery store or ice cream shop with the kids in tow, it's important to talk to them about the different people they may encounter on a day-to-day basis. For example, when I head out with my five-year-old son, Jonas, children sometimes stare. Jonas uses a walking stick to help him get around

15 Things You Should Give Up to Be a Happy Parent

You want to be a happy parent—but your countless responsibilities make this goal challenging! Don’t lose hope just yet. I have a list of 15 things that keep you from happy parenting. Read through them. Be honest with yourself. Then let them go. Allow yourself to be a happy parent for your child—and yourself!   Here’s a list of 15 things you should give up—and then watch your happiness take off:   1. Give up “supposed to” -We were conditioned by our own early family

Protecting Kids from Prescription Drugs

Prescription medications are important for overall health and wellness, but when not used properly they can be deadly. Children are especially vulnerable because they are small, and even small amounts of some medications can have serious consequences, with some drugs more dangerous than others. Accidental poisonings, overdoses, and visits to the emergency room are too often the results of kids getting into medicines in the home.  Tips for Storing Medications Safely Having prescription

How to Determine When You Should Get Your Child a Cell Phone

Most young teens and pre-teens are still very dependent on you. Because of this dependence, a cell phone isn’t necessary. This is especially the case if you pick your children up from school or if they take the bus to a stop that is right next to your home. Your children rely on you for virtually everything, so buying a cell phone for them won’t necessarily improve their safety. In fact, cell phone use at an early age could be more harmful than helpful. A child’s brain may not have developed

Fun Date Night Ideas

There’s no shortage of date night ideas all over the internet. Dates are a great way to spend some quality time with your partner, regardless of how long you’ve been together. A new relationship has some excitement built in, but when you and your partner know each other well, you need to put in extra effort to keep the excitement levels up! Date night boxes are an amazing way to bring some newness into your relationship. Once you’ve decided a theme or a concept for your date, pack the essentials
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